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Russian 2008 Presidential Election Ephemera Guide

Get Out the Vote Materials

Get-out-the-vote campaigns are familiar to most people in the United States. Officials and groups want to encourage as much participation in the process as possible. The Russian Federation is no exception. This election ephemera collection contains nine items that fall into the category of get-out-the-vote materials, many focused on young people.

‘Get Out the Vote’ (9 items)

[Get out the vote booklet]. День молодого избирателя, 11 февраля 2008 года [Young Voter Day, February 11, 2008]. [2008]. Library of Congress European Division.

Booklets (1)

This booklet contains transcripts and photos from a meeting held at the Saint Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences in honor of 'Young Voter Day' on February 11, 2008. Participants are listed, in order, as Vladimir E. Churov, Chairman of Russia's Central Election Commission; Viktor N. Lobko, Vice Governor of Saint Petersburg; Aleksander S. Zapesotskii, Rector of the Saint Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences; and “around 900 young voters” (i okolo 900 molodykh izbiratelei/и около 900 молодых избирателей). The discussion, summarized on the back of the booklet, concerned preparations for the Presidential election, candidates for the presidency, technological questions about voting processes, the counting of votes, and the participation of international observers. Event sponsors, listed below this summary, are Xerox, the Baltic Investment Bank, and Coca Cola.

Мetro Cards (1)

A metro ticket printed with the Russian coat of arms over the tricolor flag and text announcing March 2 as the date of the elections for the President of the Russian Federation.

Cards (2)

Two cards asking voters to participate in the Presidential election on March 2, 2008. One card is addressed broadly “uvazhaemye izbirateli!” ('Dear Voters!') while the other has a particular voter's name written in ink. Both cards provide information on the polling site for a particular electoral sector as well as contact information for the local election commission.

Flyers (1)

[Get out the vote flyer]. Окружной конкурс, открыток-приглашений на выборы Президента России [District competition of invitations for the election of the president of Russia]. [2008]. Library of Congress European Division.

A colorful double-sided flyer showing off the results of a district-wide competition (in Moscow's Western District) for elementary and secondary school students to create art and essays about the election. Themes include “Poslanie Prezidentu Rossii” (Послание Президенту России/A letter to the President of Russia), and “Otkrytok-Priglashenii na vybory Prezidenta Rossii” (Открыток-Приглашений на выборы Президента России/Invitation to the Russian presidential elections) The front of the flyer features the winning card designs of four local students, while on the back is a printed version of the essay that won the 'letter to the President' category.

Newspapers (4)

Four dated and numbered dispatches of a weekly newspaper, 'Zapad' (Запад/West), for the western district of Moscow. Each contains an interview with Yurii M. Alpatov, then prefect of the district, on a different government policy-related subject. Topics include sports, youth, culture, and health. The back side of each paper advertises the March 2 elections, with the large print slogan “Golosuem za budushchee Rossii!” (Голосуем за будущее России!/We're voting for the future of Russia!).