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Russian 2008 Presidential Election Ephemera Guide

Opposition Materials

A number of groups sponsored opposition rallies and urged citizens to boycott the 2008 Russian presidential elections. Some claimed the elections were unfair, with the outcome predetermined in Medvedev's favor by Vladimir Putin. The six items in this collection fall under the category of true opposition materials, which are usually more rare than materials produced by opposing parties or candidates who have chosen to participate in the process. The lack of funding to mass-produce materials is one reason for their scarcity.

Election Protest/Boycott (6 items)

[Opposition flyer]. Есть ли смысл идти на выборы 2 марта? [Is there any reason to vote on March 2?]. [2008]. Library of Congress European Division.

Flyers (1)

One flyer with the heading “Est’ li smysl idti na vybory 2 marta?” (Есть ли смысл идти на выборы 2 марта?/Is there any reason to vote on March 2?) over a block of text that accuses the government of falsifying voting results and calls for an election boycott. The flyer provides contact information for the Russian Communist Worker's Party—Revolutionary Party of Communists, a more radical left-wing party unaffiliated with the mainstream Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Stickers (5)

Five stickers promote boycotting the presidential election and announce a protest march (Marsh nesoglasnykh/Марш несогласных/Dissenters' March) in Moscow the day following the vote on March 3, 2008. Of postcard size, four of the five stickers are attached to cut-out pieces of newspaper. Presumably, the stickers were put on papers in newsstands as a means to distribute them around the city cheaply and discreetly. These cards appear to be the work of the National Bolshevik Party (also known as the Nazbols), an ultra-nationalist opposition party. Slogans on the cards include: “Doloi samoderzhavie i prestolonasledie!” (Долой самодержавие и престолонаследие!/Down with autocracy and the line of succession!), “Ia ne idu na vybory, ia idu na marsh nesoglasnykh” (Я не иду на выборы, я иду на марш несогласных/I'm not going to vote, I'm going to the Dissenters’ March), and “Vybory—eto fars!” (Выборы—это фарс!/The elections are a farce!). One sticker displays two pictures, a ballot box and a trashcan, with the text “ne vidish' raznitsy? Prikhodi na marsh nesoglasnykh” (не видишь разницы? Приходи на марш несогласных/Can't tell the difference? Come to the Dissenters' March).

[Opposition sticker]. Выборы - это фарс! [The elections are a farce!]. [2008]. Library of Congress European Division.
[Opposition sticker]. Не видишь разницы? [You can't tell the difference?]. [2008]. Library of Congress European Division.
[Opposition sticker]. Я не иду на выборы [I am not going to vote]. [2008]. Library of Congress European Division.