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Russian 2008 Presidential Election Ephemera Guide

United Russia Party

[United Russia newspaper]. Столица Единой России [Capital of United Russia]. [2008]. Library of Congress European Division.

As the heir apparent to Vladimir Putin, Dmitrii Medvedev was considered a shoo-in to win the 2008 presidential election in the Russian Federation. This fact explains why so little material related to Medvedev and his candidacy was published by the United Russia (Единая Россия) campaign office.

The Library of Congress 2008 Russian Presidential Election Ephemera Collection contains only three items for the candidate who won and subsequently served as president from 2008-2012. In addition to the items in this election ephemera collection, the Library of Congress also holds a growing collection of recent Russian political pamphlets, and additional United Russia materials in other Russian election ephemera collections, such as the collection for the 2011-2012 elections which is described in detail in its own research guide. More details on these collections are available in the "Related Resources" section of the Introduction page. All of these collections are available in the European Reading Room.

To find the many books in the Library's collection written by Medvedev or by United Russia, use the following terms to execute browse searches in the Library of Congress Online catalog:

Dmitrii Medvedev, United Russia (3 items)

Letters (1)

[United Russia flyer]. Кто следующий? Решать тебе! [Who's next? You decide!]. [2008]. Library of Congress European Division.

A letter from Yurii Luzhkov, then mayor of Moscow, addressed to the city. The letter speaks of the ideals of democracy, the election’s importance, and entreats readers to cast their votes to support Putin’s strategy for the development of Russia. Although the letter seems to suggest that readers should vote for Medvedev, Medvedev’s name is not explicitly mentioned.

Flyers (1)

A large paper flyer with a picture of Vladimir Putin and large print that reads “Kto sleduiushchii? Reshat’ tebe!” (Кто следующий? Решать тебе/!Who's next? You decide!) In a smaller blurb Putin stresses how elections are important to Russia's growth and future. The flyer’s reverse lists 5 reasons to vote, and quotes celebrities expressing the importance of participating in the elections. Clearly aimed at younger voters, the flyer is branded with the logo of the ‘Young Guard’ of the United Russia party. Again, no candidates are explicitly mentioned or endorsed.

Newspapers (1)

A copy of United Russia's Moscow party paper from February 2008. Medvedev's central platform is presented as the four Is—“Institutions, Infrastructure, Innovation, Investment” (Институты, Инфраструктуры, Инновации, Инвестиции /Instituty, Infrastruktury, Innovatsii, Investitsii). Major features include an analysis of Medvedev's platform, an interview with Vladimir Resin, information about the anti-drug activism of United Russia's 'Young Guard', and a piece by famed Russian-Soviet songwriter Gennadii Gladkov celebrating women ahead of International Women's Day.