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Abraham Lincoln in Prints & Photographs

The galleries in this guide include images from the last twenty years of Lincoln's life. Prints and Photographs Division staff have selected the images based on frequent requests, with a focus on those with no known restrictions.


The following are galleries of selected images from the last twenty years of Lincoln's life. They include the Library of Congress's earliest photograph of Lincoln, as well as photographs of his immediate family members, photos taken at his inaugurations, and images relating to his assassination and funeral. Additional resources provide further exploration of Lincoln specifically through visual materials. For wider Library collections pertaining to Lincoln's life, please consult the Abraham Lincoln: A Resource Guide.

Abraham Lincoln, three-quarter length portrait. Glass negative by Anthony Berger, [1864]. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division. [Editor's note: This is the portrait used on the five-dollar bill, 1914-2007. The original glass plate shows the scratches, cracks, and tape marks of long use.]