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Accounting & Auditing Resource Guide

This guide provides resources for current accounting and auditing research and includes free and subscription resources that may be helpful for students or accounting and auditing professionals.


Peter Radin, artist. Occupations related to mathematics. 1937. Federal Art Project in Ohio, WPA, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

This guide includes resources relating to accounting and auditing. It is by no means meant to be all inclusive. The sources included constitute some of the more basic resources and assistance to get someone started. While we have included a few titles that are international in scope and focus on comparative accounting and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFERS), this guide is primarily concerned with accounting and auditing in the United States.

Many of the large accounting firms do provide various levels of guidance and analysis relating to accounting and auditing practices; however, in many cases the information comes with a fee. While we have not linked to this type of information, it might be helpful to visit accounting firm web pages to see what they offer particularly as it relates to any special industry practices that may not be available elsewhere.

Lastly, this guide does not provide sources for test preparation or for those interested in studying the history of the accounting industry. Please see our separate  guide on the history of accounting for information on that topic.

About the Business Section

Part of the Science & Business Reading Room at the Library of Congress, the Business Section is the starting point for conducting research at the Library of Congress in the subject areas of business and economics. Here, reference specialists in specific subject areas of business assist patrons in formulating search strategies and gaining access to the information and materials contained in the Library's rich collections of business and economics materials.