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African American Women Authors of the Civil War Era: A Resource Guide

This guide expands “Selected Online Works by Civil War Era African American Women.” In addition to the women’s works, it compiles links to digital materials related to the authors and their publications that are available at the Library of Congress.


This guide provides access to the historic full text of literature, now available in digital format with free and open access, published by and about African American women who lived during the U.S. Civil War. Multiple full text versions are provided to allow users to choose the version that best displays on their electronic device. For each African American female author birth and death dates are provided. This diverse set of women created works that reflected their challenges, struggles and triumphs. The works also embrace their humor, politics, and spirituality.

This guide also compiles links to digital material related to these authors such as historic newspaper articles, blog posts and portraits that are available throughout the Library of Congress website. In addition, links to selected external websites and a print bibliography are also included.