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African American Women in the Military and at War

Dissertations, Theses and Reports

The following are examples of the types of dissertations and reports that can be found on the subject of African American women in the military and at war. Some dissertations and theses may be available online through individual individual institutional repositories, through resources at the Library of Congress, your public library, or via interlibrary loan or document delivery via the institution. Consult with a librarian for assistance.

Akers, Regina Theresa. Doing their Part: the WAVES in World War II. Howard University, 2000. 245p.
Dissertation, available via UMI/Proquest: AAT 9981740
See especially chapter 7, "On the broad road to victory,1943-1945," p. 179-231.

Blook, Katherine. Negro Women War Workers.United States. Women's Bureau. Bulletin no. 205, 1945.
Available online from HathiTrust

Bolzenius, Sandra M. The 1945 Black WAC Strike at Ft. Devens. Ohio State University, 2013. 478 p.
Dissertation, available online from OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center External

Daniels, K. B. Social Construction of Race and Gender: Black Women Officers in the U.S. Navy. Naval Postgraduate School, 1994. 70p.
Available online from DTIC.

Keys, Carol. "And the Army Keeps Rolling Along": A Study of the Effects of Gender and Race on Women Officers' Careers and the Strategies They Use to Survive and Succeed. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale,1997. 333 p.
Available via UMI/Proquest: AAT 9822253

Salter, Krewasky, A. I. "Sable Officers": African-American Military Officers, 1861-1948. Florida State University, 1996. 405 p.
Available via UMI/Proquest: AAT 9700192
See especially chapter 17, "Women go to war," p. 339-266.

Sims-Wood, Janet. "We Served America too!" Personal Recollections of African American Women in the Women's Army Corps During World War II. The Union Institute,1994. 296 p.
Dissertation, available via UMI/Proquest: AAT 9519611

Swann, Leslie M. African American Women in the World War II Defense Industry. Temple University, 2004. 407 p.
Dissertation, available via UMI/ProQuest: AAT 3151038

Turner, Robbie G. Minority Women Officers in the Navy: Past, Present and Future Prospects. Naval Postgraduate School, 1991. 79 p.
Available online from DTIC .

Resources for Finding Dissertations and Reports

The subscription resources marked with a padlock are available to researchers on-site at the Library of Congress. If you are unable to visit the Library, you may be able to access these resources through your local public or academic library.