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African Americans in Business and Entrepreneurship: A Resource Guide

Historical Company Research Webinar

On February 8, 2023, the staff of Business Reference Services hosted a webinar covering strategies and resources business librarians at the Library of Congress use to research old companies, featuring historic African American entrepreneurs.

  • Explore historical company research through the 2023 Black History Month theme of "Resistance," featuring historic Black barbers who resisted the status quo by supporting black education and civil rights movements. Many went on to other businesses, including insurance, finance, real estate and more. In addition to sharing research around Black barbers, this class will also show strategies to locate information on historical figures and companies more broadly. While the class uses resources available at the Library of Congress, some may be available through your local library or historical society, both of which have resources to help with this type of research. Led by Business Reference and Research Specialists, we plan on covering print and electronic sources - both free and subscription - as well as giving a few tips and tricks picked up over the years.

If you are looking for the text transcript one is available.

Also, the webinar African Americans in Business: Doing Historical Company Research presented on February 8, 2023 has been recorded and can be viewed.