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African Children's Literature: An Introduction to the CODE Collection at the Library of Congress


The titles listed on this page are written in English and are published in various locations throughout Africa. The publications are organized by language and item number and are available to researchers in the African and Middle Eastern Division Reading Room at the Library of Congress. Please submit requests for individual items using both the language and item number from the inventory below.

Number Title Author Place of Publication Publisher/Printer Date Pages
2 Alphabet in the Home
[also listed with Chichewa]
Veronica Maele Lilongwe National Library Service 2006 26
172 Let us read in English
[also listed with Amharic material]
    CODE-Ethiopia 2006 66
182 Biology Supplementary Book  for grade 7, Book one. CODE-Ethiopia   Code-Ethiopia 2006 48, 53
pages missing
183 Mathematics, Supplementary Book for grade 7 CODE-Ethiopia   CODE-Ethiopia 2006 63
184 Physics, Supplementary material (for grade 7) CODE-Ethiopia   Code-Ethiopia 2006 72
185 Biology, Supplementary Book for grade 7, book 2 CODE-Ethiopia   CODE-Ethiopia 2006 66
200 Why the Birds Sing and Other Stories   Addis Ababa CODE-Ethiopia 2006 42
217 Chemistry Grade 7- Supplementary Reading Material   Addis Ababa CODE-Ethiopia 2006 65
221 Glossary of Social Studies, Grade 7 & 8 CODE-Ethiopia     2004 88