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African Children's Literature: An Introduction to the CODE Collection at the Library of Congress


The titles listed on this page are written in the Tigrinya (Geez) language and are published in Addis Ababa, the capital and largest city of Ethiopia. The publications are organized by language and item number and are available to researchers in the African and Middle Eastern Division Reading Room at the Library of Congress. Please submit requests for individual items using both the language and item number from the inventory below.

Number Title Author Place of Publication Publisher/Printer Date Pages
149 Daqi ʼānesteyo betemherti weṡʼitāwi nekxona zeḥegezu mélātāt ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ብትምህርቲ ውፅኢታዊ ንክኾና ዝሕግዙ ሜላታት Mulugétā Geday ዘዳለወ, ሙሉጌታ ግደይ 'ʼAdis ʼAbabā CODE- Ethiopia 'Artistic mātamiyā dereǧet 2006 [1998] 64
177 Fiziks ḥāgāzi ṣeḥuf : ne7yen 8yen kefli
ፊዚክስ ሓጋዚ ፅሑፍ : ን7ይን 8ይን ክፍሊ
[CODE Ethiopia] 'ʼAdis ʼAbabā CODE-Ethiopia 2004 60
216 ʻĀwdāwi māh̲dar qālāt temherti h̲ebratasab 5ye - 8ye kefli
ዓውዳዊ ማኅደር ቃላት ትምህርቲ ኅብረተሰብ 5ye - 8ye kefli
[CODE Ethiopia] 'ʼAdis ʼAbabā CODE-Ethiopia 2005 63
227 Tergum ʻāwda ḥisạb qālāt falāmit mȧsḥāf
ትርጉም ዓውደ ሒሳብ ቃላት ፈላሚት መፅሓ ፍ
[CODE Ethiopia] 'ʼAdis ʼAbabā CODE-Ethiopia 2005 61