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African, Jewish, and Middle Eastern Studies: Digital Resources at the Library of Congress

Digital Collections & Exhibitions

This section of the guide links to unique digitized primary and secondary collection materials from the Library of Congress. In addition, online exhibitions provide curated presentations of collection materials from the Library of Congress and other institutions. The Library of Congress also has a robust Web-archiving program that capture ephemeral and often considered at-risk born-digital content, making them available to researchers today and in the future.

The Near East Section retains custody of materials in over 40 languages of the area known as the Near East, including the countries and peoples of the Caucasus and Central Asia. The main linguistic groupings- Arabic, Armenian, Central Asian, Georgian, Persian, and Turkish and Turkic Armenian, Georgian–form the basis of a particularly potent and vital research center on all things Middle Eastern. Its specialists are available for briefings, for rapid and long-term reference and research assistance, and for detailed bibliographic and subject analyses.

Digitized Rare Materials

The Library of Congress has been digitizing rare and unique collection materials since the 1990s. The collections highlighted here are provided online and comprise rare materials from the Near East Section.

Web Archives

Online Exhibitions