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United States Banking Periodicals at the Library of Congress

Titles with Limited Runs

This section provides information on a selected group of banking journals that were either short-lived or for which the Library of Congress has only limited holdings. These journals are illustrative of some of the contemporary conditions and factors influencing the industry at the time of their publication.

Following each title, there is a brief description of the content, as well as the call number, all title changes and their LC catalog record numbers, and a summary of the holdings located in the general collections at the time of this review in 2013. The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available. Note that these holdings may differ somewhat from the holdings reported on the Library of Congress catalog records..

Bank Reformer

Petersburg, VA
LC Call Number:  HG1501 .B17

Bank Reformer was published in Petersburg, Virginia to discuss banking and currency reform, the principles of honest banking, and fraudulent practices. Its publisher and editor, Edmund Ruffin (1794-1865), was a notable agriculturalist who became a prominent secessionist.

Online access to no. 1 (1841:Sept. 4) is available through the American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection: Series 3.

Confidential Banker

Council Bluffs, IA
Call Number: HG1501.C75

Confidential Banker is replete with notices of positions wanted, banking opportunities, and of businesses and property for sale—ranging from mercantile businesses to oak counters to land. It also carries news of conventions and activities of members of the banking fraternity, as well as the publisher's commentaries.

Hoisington Bank Reporter

Kansas City, MO
Call Number: HG1501.H65

The Hoisington Bank Reporter, published in Kansas City, Missouri, reports in detail on banks, bank finances and bank changes, bank stocks, and the history and health of banking in various regions of the country. It also includes reports on a variety of topics, such as the copper supply, railroads, agricultural crop conditions, bank robberies and forgeries. The publication includes numerous illustrated advertisements of bank equipment and furniture or the time.

International Banker

Los Angeles
Call Number: HG1501.I5

Published in Los Angeles, International Banker was committed to developing world finance and banking. It features articles on marketable goods, numerous industries, financial centers, business and economic conditions throughout the world, foreign and international securities, gold and silver, transportation and shipping, and individual countries.

United States Banker

Washington, DC
Call Number: HG1501.U6

Despite its brief run, United States Banker published substantial feature articles on significant economic developments of that time, as well as about the Federal Reserve, money markets, foreign trade, and legal cases relevant to banking.