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United States Banking Periodicals at the Library of Congress

National Banking Periodicals

This section provides information on the major general interest banking journals covering the United States as a whole. Following each title, there is a brief description of the content, as well as the call number, all title changes and their LC catalog record numbers, and a summary of the holdings located in the general collections at the time of this review in 2013. The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available. Note that these holdings may differ somewhat from the holdings reported on the Library of Congress catalog records.

American Banker

New York
LC Call Number: HG1501.A5

American Banker, which continues Thompson's Bank Note and Commercial Reporter, is a weekly financial journal focused upon the interests of banks, bankers, and investors. It reports regularly on banks, the conditions of banks, bank stocks, bank consolidations and other changes, bank failures, general bank news, and municipal bonds and corporate securities. It reports extensively on banking law, especially judicial opinions, as well as on bank burglaries, counterfeits, and forgeries.

The Library has online access to recent full text articles in several commercial databases, including Academic OneFile (since 1983), Business Source Complete (from 1997), Factiva (since 1985), and ProQuest Accounting and Tax Database.

All bound volumes published since 1927 are stored off site, and should be requested at least one day in advance.

Microform holdings

Bulletin. American Institute of Banking, formerly American Institute of Bank Clerks

New York
LC Call Number: HG1501.A7

The purpose of the Bulletin was to educate its readers on all topics related to banking and money, including the practical aspects of banking and bank management, commercial law, and the economy. It published substantive articles about currency, financial instruments, savings and deposits, commerce and commercial loans, business education, and innovations in the banking industry. Later issues report extensively on Association and Chapter news. Bound volumes before 1922 are in fragile condition. A few early issues are available online from the Hathi Trust Digital Library External.

Bank Notes

LC Call number: HG1501.B16

The U.S. Bank Note Company published Bank Notes to provide "inspiration, enlightenment and entertainment" for everyone in the bank and to promote a closer relationship with the Indianapolis company. It provides information about banking supplies and equipment and many articles and news notes about banks, banking, and industries important to bankers at the time.

Bank Strategies

LC Call Number: HG1501.A87

This publication is dedicated to bank accounting and auditing and the underlying operations and financial instruments. Articles cover the role and duties of the comptroller, selection and training of personnel, control and auditing of various financial instruments and departments, improving efficiency, taxation and regulatory changes, and innovations in bank equipment. It also reports extensively on professional association conferences and other activities. Beginning with v.85:issue 2 (2009:Mar./Apr.) Banking Strategies became available online only.

Selected full-text articles from Bank Strategies and Bank Management are available in the database Factiva (1991-1996). Bank Strategies is also available as a freely accessible journal from 1996 to the present at the Bank Administration Institute External web site.

The Banker

LC Call number: HG1501.B187

Published in London since 1926, The Banker provides detailed data and in-depth analysis of finance and banking on a global level as well as at country and regional levels. The Banker is widely distributed throughout the world: OCLC reports it is held by more than 500 libraries worldwide. It publishes a "Top 1000 World Banks" list in July as well as other lists related to finance and banking. Other British banking serials are classed at HG1503. Several commercial databases provide full text access to The Banker, including ABI/INFORM, Academic OneFile, and Factiva that generally begins with the early 1990s. The title is also included in Lexis/Nexis.

Weekly service. Bankers Economic Service, New York

New York
LC Call number: HG1501.B23

Weekly Service features special articles about individual commodities, wholesale and retail prices, public utilities, foreign country finance, foreign trade, employment, public utilities, and regular reports on individual commodities. Issues include data reports on money, foreign exchange markets, commodity prices, the stock exchange, and federal reserves as well as detailed charts and graphs.

Bankers Magazine (N.Y.)

New York
LC Call Number: LC Call number: HG1501.B3

This journal was published from July 1846-June 1943. The subtitle of volume 1 indicates the publication would be "devoted to the dissemination of bank statistics, state statistics, sound principles of banking and currency, English and American Law Decisions in reference to the business of banks and bankers, principles and policy of life insurance, savings banks, etc. " It also included biographies of prominent bankers, and information on major exports and industries. In 1943 the publication was absorbed by Banking Law Journal and was re-classed to K2.A573.

Although no print copies of this publication are available in the Library's general or Law Library collections, it is included in the American Periodicals Series (microfilm 01104) available in the Library's Microform and Electronic Resource Center. Full text of the periodical (1846-1943) is also available online to on-site researchers in American Periodicals Serials Online, and selected issues can be found in the Hathi Trust Digital Library External

The Bankers Magazine (Boston, MA)

LC Call number: HG1501.B32

The Bankers Magazine (Boston, MA) continues Banking Law Journal which is in the Law Library. It features articles about banking, banking law compliance, security and fraud detection, strategic portfolio management, managing credit risk, selecting lines of business, managing technology, and the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Bankers Service Bulletin

LC Call Number: HG1501.B85

Also known as the Bankers Equipment Service Bulletin, this publication was a supplement to Bankers Monthly and the Bankers Equipment Service Guide. It contains articles about banking supplies and equipment, as well as about improving efficiency and reducing costs. Articles discuss practical aspects of bank management, including lighting and noise reduction, employee lunchrooms, record keeping and filing systems, form and letter duplication, and machines to speed processing. It includes many advertisements for bank supplies and equipment.

Burroughs Clearing House

LC Call number: HG1501.B9

The Burroughs Adding Machine Company began publication of Burroughs Clearing House magazine in 1916 to provide for the exchange of information among banks nationally, because the financial community was the mainstay of its business. The periodical includes extensive discussions of banking operations, such as check handling and money transfer, auditing, and automation; bank equipment and buildings; various types of banks and banking activities, such as rural banking, financing foreign trade and correspondent banking, consumer and construction lending; and court cases and government actions related to banks and banking. In addition, the Burroughs Clearing House published articles about the domestic and international economy and political developments, as well as about business conditions in sectors for which bankers provided financing, such as crops and livestock, construction, or international trade.

Investment Weekly and Banking World

LC Call number: HG1501.I6

The Banking and Mercantile World and The Banking World report about banks throughout the country and feature many photographs of banks and scenic locations. Both also include directory sections and special lists of banks and attorneys. They feature extensive sections about contemporary court decisions on banking. Investment Weekly and Banking World shifts focus to report extensively on financial instruments and a wide range of industries. The articles provide data and discuss methods of analyzing particular securities.

National Banker

LC Call number: HG1501.N3

National Banker covers banking, finance, investments, and general business news. It regularly published bank listings by state, feature articles, short business and legal news items, investment and classified advertisements. Issues include personnel news and portraits of important banking figures as well as regional banking and financial reports. Early issues report extensively on mining activities throughout the country and about various opportunities in Mexico.

Bankazine; Bankers Home Magazine

New York
LC Call number: HG1501.P6

Published as Bankazine through 1908 and Bankers Home Magazine until 1927, this periodical was known as Polk's Bankers Review in 1927 and 1928. Early issues published on glossy paper include a variety of feature articles about business activities. Topics range from rice growing in Arkansas, to producing lemon oil, to explaining new technologies, to the use of elephants in commerce. During the first decade it also features many photographs, including those of exotic locales and successful businessmen and their families. Although all issues include excellent business news and features, Bankers Home Magazine focused more exclusively on banking and business beginning with the approach of World War I. The quality of the paper also declined at that time.

Bankers Monthly

LC Call number: HG1501.R2

Early issues include congressional testimony related to banking, commercial and financial outlook, state banking laws, receipts and expenditures of the federal government, and banking legislation; state banking news; directories of commercial attorneys; articles about representative banks and bankers; and announcements of new banks, bank changes, and banks discontinued. More recent issues feature articles on trends and issues of interest to the banking community as well as technological innovations.

Bankers Monthly had been Rand McNally Bankers Monthly from 1884 until 1917. In 1933 it absorbed Bankers Service Bulletin (variant title: Bankers Equipment Service Bulletin). It was absorbed by Bank Management in February 1993.

Limited online access to some editions is available from the HathiTrust Digital Library External. Full text online access to Bankers Monthly is available in ProQuest ABI/Inform Complete from 1987 until 1993 and from Academic OneFile from 1991 until 1993.

In addition to the print holdings cited below the Library holds Rand McNally Bankers Monthly from 1898-1937 and Bankers Monthly Bankers Monthly from 1938-1993 in microfilm. For both, the Microfilm number is (o) 83/403).

Rhodes' Journal of Banking

New York
LC Call number: HG1501.R5

Rhodes' Journal reports banking and financial news in detail: it includes reports on both national and state banks; bank failures and suspensions; new banks; bankers obituaries; stock and bond prices; and reviews of the money market and financial situation. Each issue also reports extensively on developments in banking law. The publication features articles on banking practice, reports about conventions, and extensive banking advertisements.

The Journal became Rhodes' Journal of Banking and the Bankers' Magazine Consolidated during 1895 and then Bankers Magazine (New York, (N.Y. : 1896), which continued until through v. 146, no. 6 (June 1943). When Bankers Magazine ceased in 1943, it was absorbed into Banking Law Journal (K2.A573).