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United States Banking Periodicals at the Library of Congress

Regional Banking Periodicals

This section provides information on journals focusing on regional banking interests. In addition to the banking information which they contain, they may also prove to be useful to genealogists as these journals often include biographical sketches, anniversary or retirement features, and obituaries of those who had been active in the banking industry.

Following each title, there is a brief description of the content, as well as the call number, all title changes and their LC catalog record numbers, and a summary of the holdings located in the general collections at the time of this review in 2013. The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available. Note that these holdings may differ somewhat from the holdings reported on the Library of Congress catalog records..

California Banker's Magazine

San Francisco
LC Call Number: HG1501.C2

California Banker's Magazine was published to provide data and other information related to banking, finance, commerce, and real estate. It published financial and banking information from all parts of the world in addition to California, Oregon, Washington, and the eastern United States. It includes regular reports on the London Money Market, bank clearinghouse activities, mortgage and loan rates, legal cases pertinent to banking, business conditions, and Congressional activity relevant to money and banking. In addition, the publication includes information on such topics as irrigation bonds, wine production, and Asian markets and business conditions. Reflecting the fact that silver was a major political issue of the 1890s, the publication has numerous articles about silver and silver laws.

Chicago Banker

LC Call Number: HG1501.C5

The Library has a full set of this title. Until late 1902, it consists primarily of feature articles, but thereafter provides extensive short news items as well as features. Despite its focus upon the Midwest, Chicago Banker provides extensive coverage of banking and economic conditions in all regions of the country, as well as reports on banking and finance around the world. It regularly reports on relevant legislative and other government actions, reserve requirements, mint activity, money in circulation, commodities, stock exchanges, and trust companies. This title covers news about banking personnel extensively and includes many feature articles about individual bankers. It also covers activities of banking professional associations and meetings.

Although some of the earliest volumes are fragile, full text of selected volumes from 1899-1901 is available online from the HathiTrust Digital Library External.

Western Banker

LC Call number: HG1501.C7

Western Banker contains detailed coverage of banks, bankers, and banking in the Western states. It features articles focusing on bank operations, new technologies, bank deposits and loans, foreign banks, money laundering, and on earthquakes and other contemporary topics. When Western Banker was sold to a new publisher at the end of 1984, it began renumbering its volumes; closing 1983 with vol. 140 and beginning 1984 with volume 77.

Coast Banker covers business interests of the Pacific Coast and slope, especially its banks, bonds, and high grade securities. It published general features about foreign banking and trade; investor services, bond houses and bond markets; bond offerings; foreign exchange; commercial paper; bank business development and operations; local industries; and reports on banks and banking in Western states and Hawaii.

Michigan Investor

LC Call Number: HG1501.M5

Michigan Investor reports primarily on banking and the financial industry in Michigan. It provides information on bond sales, personnel, bank sales and redemption notices, regulatory news, and banking association activities. From 1954 through1960, the Library's holdings consist only of the Proceedings of the annual conventions of the Michigan Bankers Association. In 1988, Michigan Investor merged with Northwestern Banker and Commercial West to form Northwestern Financial Review (LC Call Number: HF1.N75).

Midwestern Banker

LC Call number: HG1501.M55

Midwestern Banker is a source of information on banks and banking in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and later Ohio. It provides news on bank activities and changes, financials, bank quotations, and personnel, as well as on bank association activities. It carries news and feature articles about bonds and other securities, local business and industrial activity, national business conditions, and important legislative and regulatory government actions affecting banks. Each issue provides legal news affecting banks and lists prices of Wisconsin securities.

Northwestern Banker

Des Moines
LC Call number: HG1501.N8

Northwestern Banker reports on banks and banking in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. It also covers developments in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere that affect the industry. It provides news about bank personnel and reports on various bankers' conventions. It includes features and news about important area industries, including agriculture.

In 1988, Northwestern Banker merged with Commercial West and Michigan Investor (LC Call Number: HG1501.M5) to form Northwestern Financial Review (LC Call Number: HF1.N75).

Mid-Continent Banker

St. Louis
LC Call Number: HG1501.S3

Mid-Continent Banker and its predecessors provide detailed bank and banking news, particularly about banks in the Mississippi Valley and the Southwest. They features articles about banking practices, bonds and stocks, banking law and regulation, and bank personnel. They also provide news about railroads, agriculture and other industries important to bankers in the region.

Southern Banker

LC Call number: HG1501.S8

The focus of Southern Banker is primarily upon banks and banking activity in the southern states, and it provides news by city and state. It prominently features personnel news. Throughout there are articles about bank equipment and bank management, as well as features about financial instruments and financial markets.

Southwestern Banker

Fort Worth
LC Call number: HG1501.T4

The Southwestern Banker and its predecessors published national, regional and state news on banks and banking. It features numerous pictures of bank buildings and photographs of bankers. It published features about banking and about area industries of importance to bankers, such as cotton and other agricultural products, oil, and mining.