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American Women: Resources from the General Collections

Specialized Resources

Thomas E. Askew, photographer. [Four African American women seated on steps of building at Atlanta University, Georgia]. 1899. African American Photographs Assembled for 1900 Paris Exposition. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.

The great fun in exploring the Library of Congress's collections is that you never know what you will find. Beyond the more traditional sources, there are many specific resource types that can be particularly helpful in researching American women that you might not think of and that might push you to think of women's past lives in varied ways.

Specialized resources like "etiquette books" and "school primers" might contain unexpected insights into the lives of American women.  These specialized materials are highlighted in the sub-sections found in the left navigation menu under this catch-all topic.  For each material type you will find search strategies and subjects headings used to locate materials in online library catalogs, selected print resources, and links to external databases and and collections and other resources available online.