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Animal Law: A Beginner's Guide

Subject Headings

Researchers can also search the Library of Congress Online Catalog by browsing subject headings in order to find more resources on this topic. Click “browse” and use the drop-down to select “SUBJECTS beginning with” or “SUBJECTS containing,” and then input a subject heading using one of the examples shown below. Finally, click on a result and you can browse the materials classified under that subject heading. Here are a few examples of possible subject headings:

  • Animals--Law and legislation.
    • Animals--Law and legislation--[Country].
    • Animals--Law and legislation--[State].
    • Animals--Law and legislation--United States.
    • Animals--Law and legislation--United States--Cases.
  • Animal welfare--Law and legislation.
    • Animal welfare--Law and legislation--[Country].
    • Animal welfare--Law and legislation--[State].
    • Animal welfare--Law and legislation--United States.
  • Animal rights.
    • Animal rights--[Country].
    • Animal rights--[State].
    • Animal rights--United States.
  • Dogs--Law and Legislation.
    • Dogs--Law and Legislation--[Country].
    • Dogs--Law and Legislation--[State].