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Automotive Industry: A Research Guide

Company Research & Marketing Strategies

Researching a company can be done in several ways, such as by visiting their website. The website is a useful source of information on the company's mission, leadership, operations, and performance. Two types of companies exist: public and private. Public companies are regulated under the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and must release financial reports to shareholders and the public. However, private companies are not obligated to share their financial information, making it more challenging to research them. Other sources of information on car companies include journals, newspapers, trade publications, and car industry websites. For comprehensive guidance on company research, check out our research guide called Doing Company Research.

Car manufacturers aim to appeal to customers' emotions, safety concerns, performance expectations, and other needs to establish brand loyalty. A car manufacturer's brand represents its value, and its products' reliability and quality should meet customers' satisfaction. Manufacturers use unique logos, symbols, designs, and packaging to stand out from competitors. Building brand loyalty and increasing awareness are also crucial strategies to attract customers. Understanding these distinctions is vital in making informed decisions when purchasing a car.

The automobile industry uses various marketing tools to capture the interest of potential customers. These tools include television commercials, print ads (newspapers, magazines), digital marketing platforms (social media, email), trade journals, and celebrity endorsements to increase brand awareness. These marketing platforms are also used to promote the newest automobile models, discounts, and promotions. If you want to learn more about marketing, we have a research guide on the Marketing Industry that you can explore.

In this section, you can find books and electronic resources related to car companies and marketing strategies.

Print Resources

The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.

Online Resources