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Barbara Jordan : A Resource Guide

A woman of many firsts, Barbara Charline Jordan (1936-1996) was the first African American elected to Congress from the Deep South since 1898. Learn more about Jordan through selected sources including books, manuscripts, film, audio, and legislation.


Gotfryd, Bernard, photographer. Barbara Jordan, Congresswoman, 1972-78. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Barbara Charline Jordan served as a Texas state senator and United States Congresswoman; she was also an educator and orator. She graduated Texas Southern University with a B.A. and Boston University School of Law. Her many accomplishments include being; the first African-American state senator in the U.S. since 1883, first African American elected to the United States House of Representatives from the Deep South since 1898, first African American woman on the House Judiciary Committee, and the first woman and the first African-American keynote speaker at a Democratic National Convention.

This guide is a compilation of digital and print resources available from the Library of Congress. It includes books, prints and photographs, recorded sound, film and video, electronic resources, legislation, and links to additional external resources.