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Black History Month: A Commemorative Observances Legal Research Guide

Legislative Branch Documents

Below are selected legislative materials related to Black History Month.

  • Joint resolution to provide for the designation of the month of February, 1986, as "National Black (Afro-American) History Month," Pub. L. No. 99-244, 100 Stat. 6.
  • Commemorating Black History Month and contributions of African-American United States Senators, S. Res. 229, 104th Cong. (1996).
  • Celebrating Black History Month, S. Res. 380, 109th Cong. (2006).
  • Acknowledging African descendants of the transatlantic slave trade in all of the Americas with an emphasis on descendants in Latin America and the Caribbean, recognizing the injustices suffered by these African descendants, and recommending that the United States and the international community work to improve the situation of Afro-descendant communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, H. Con. Res. 175, 109th Cong. (2006).

Additional Congressional resolutions celebrating Black History Month from 2007 to the present can be found on