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Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Bosnian Collections in the Library of Congress

Digital Resources

Selection of CD-ROMs from Bosnia. Library of Congress European Reading Room.

The Library of Congress has limited electronic resources for Bosnia and Herzegovina in comparison to its print holdings. Nevertheless, the collection of electronic materials is growing every year. Digitized versions of photographs, maps, rare books and other public domain materials appear on the main Library of Congress website using the search box at the upper right to locate materials and limit by material type.

Although the Library does not subscribe to any full-text databases devoted solely to Bosnian publications, 118 scholarly journals appear in the subscription database Central and East European Online Library. Another subscription database with Bosnian content is EMIS Intelligence, which has a selection of Bosnian business reports and news, including from the ONASA Independent News Agency in Sarajevo, the Republic of Srpska News Agency (SRNA) in Pale, and the Federal News Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FENA). These databases and others are described in the section of this guide titled Onsite Only Electronic Resources. Although the contents of the various databases may be accessed only onsite, prior to a visit you can search the Library of Congress Electronic Resources Catalog from offsite to discover which databases and e-journals we offer. Also, for online news content, consult the section for online newspapers in the Library of Congress guide Bosnian Newspapers in the Library of Congress.

In 2021 the Library of Congress began transitioning away from preservation microfilming and towards digitization of Bosnian newspapers. All digitized newspapers and other rights restricted electronic content are available via Stacks, an onsite-only database. To discover what newspapers have been digitized before you visit, consult the guide Bosnian Newspapers in the Library of Congress, which is updated annually to reflect new acquisitions and format changes of materials. Also increasingly available in Stacks are CD-ROMs that have undergone treatment as part of the Tangible Media Preservation Program.

The Microform and Electronic Resources Center (MERC) holds a small collection of Bosnian CD-ROMs, including some regional pictorial collections, a set of photographs taken by the Joint Combat Camera Center's photographers during the United States peacekeeping operations in Bosnia, and CDs that accompany books or print journals. Materials are findable via the online catalog. Lastly, the Library of Congress has been web archiving Bosnian government and political websites beginning in 2015 and 2019 respectively. The web archiving content from Bosnia and Herzegovina is described in the section of this guide titled Web Archiving.

The final section of the guide under the rubric of Digital Resources is an annotated list of various openly available Bosnian resources which we have found to be helpful for research about the country and its publications.