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Bosnian Newspapers in the Library of Congress

Bosnian Newspaper Holdings

Select the title of any newspaper listed below to view fuller bibliographic information for that item in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to electronic versions are provided when available. "Bibliographic source" refers to a printed bibliography or online catalog used to verify publication dates or other data about the newspapers.

The titles in the holdings list are arranged by place of publication or by country in the diaspora, and then alphabetically by title. Most newspapers from Bosnia and Herzegovina were published in the language now called B/C/S (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian) by Western scholars, and appeared in both the Roman and Cyrillic scripts. In the holdings list, the language is designated as B/C/S, and the alphabet is indicated by "Cyrillic" or "Roman." The microfilm holdings are available for interlibrary loan, but loose paper issues and bound volumes are not. This list does not include Library of Congress holdings of official legal gazettes or other titles held in the Law Library of Congress.

Regarding the spelling of Herzegovina - the preferred English spelling of the region is with a "z," but in B/C/S the name is spelled with a "c": Hercegovina.

Newspapers in this section are arranged first by country of publication, and then by city of publication.


Frankfurt (Oslobođenje) SEE Sarajevo (Oslobođenje)