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Bulgarian Collections in the Library of Congress

Openly Available Digital Resources

In any guide to the Bulgarian collections of the Library of Congress it is important to highlight digital resources. This section of the guide provides only a brief selection of freely available Bulgarian sites that are more useful for reference and discovery, than deep dives into specific subjects. It is by no means an attempt to provide a comprehensive list of what can be found on the Internet. Subscription content from the Library of Congress is described on the page "Onsite Only Electronic Resources."

The page is organized into the following sections:

  • Online Catalogs from Bulgarian Libraries
  • Digital Collections from Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian Language Internet News Sites
  • English Language Sites on Bulgaria

Online catalogs from Bulgarian Libraries

The three online catalogs described below have been the most useful in general reference work about Bulgaria and in the preparation of various online guides about Bulgarian publications in the Library of Congress collections.

Digital Collections from Bulgaria

The sites described in this section are freely available digital collections of Bulgarian materials. These collections encompass mostly digitized materials from libraries, but also some born-digital content. They span an array of subjects and formats from history and literature to architecture and music scores.

Bulgarian Language Internet News Sites

Bulgarians have a plethora of choices for general online news. Below are just a few sites from larger media companies, but more sites can be found by searching in a browser for the words "новини от българия."

English Language Sites on Bulgaria

Information about Bulgaria can be found on English-language sites from many realms such as news portals, newspapers, international organizations, and educational and cultural heritage institutions. Listed below is a small selection of such sites, for comprehensive coverage is impossible. In addition, other guides on Bulgaria created by the staff of the Library of Congress are described on the Introduction page of this guide.