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Bulgarian Newspapers in the Library of Congress

Bulgarian Newspaper Holdings

The titles in the holdings list are arranged by city of publication or by country in the diaspora, and then alphabetically by title. There is also a section for one-day commemorative newspapers called "edinichni listovi." The microfilm holdings are available for interlibrary loan, but loose paper issues and bound volumes are not. This list includes Library of Congress holdings of official legal gazettes and other titles held in the Law Library of Congress.

For the purposes of this list, the term "newspaper" is applied in a broad sense. Thus, any title that is published on newsprint or that a reader generally would consider to be a newspaper is included. If a desired title is not to be found on this list, a researcher should check the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Incomplete holdings for a given time period are indicated by square brackets. A few titles or issues that appeared on various Library of Congress lists were not found on the shelf during the compilation of this finding aid. They are indicated with the words "not located."

Newspapers in this guide are held in various divisions of the Library of Congress. The following abbreviations have been used:

  • Eur - European Reading Room (LJ-249)
  • N&CPR - Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room (LM-133)
  • MERC - Microform and Electronic Resources Center (LJ-139)
  • AMED - African and Middle Eastern Reading Room (LJ-229)
  • GenColl - General Collections

Select the title of any newspaper listed below to view fuller bibliographic information for that item in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to electronic versions are provided when available. "Index" refers to a general Bulgarian periodical index or individual published index, which includes coverage of the given title. Descriptions of the periodical indexes appear in the section for Bulgarian Newspaper Bibliographies.

This section contains entries for Bulgarian newspapers that were published outside the territory of current day Bulgaria. The titles are arranged by country of publication and then by city of publication.













"Edinichni listove" or "single-issue newspapers," reflect an interesting publishing tradition in Bulgaria. They are singular commemorative issues published to mark an anniversary or special event. The two main bibliographies of Bulgarian serials, Bulgarski periodichen pechat 1844-1944 and Bulgarski periodichen pechat 1944-1969, both have sections devoted to these items and list thousands of titles. The Library of Congress has just a few titles, and they have been grouped as a collection to be microfilmed. Directly beneath the collection record are the individual titles with dates held by the Library of Congress. Some older "edinichni listove" are included in the Digital Cultural and Historical Heritage of Plovdiv Municipality digital library External such as Botev list from 1936. See the descriptions for digitized Bulgarian newspapers on the page for Online Newspapers from Bulgaria.

  • Alekov list. 134 godini ot rozhdenieto na Aleko Konstantinov. 13 ianuari 1997.
  • Evropa/Bulgariia. Praznichen vestnik. Broi edinstven, mai 2005.
  • Iavorov list. Iubileino izdanie po sluchai 120 godini ot rozhdenieto na poeta. 14 ianuari 1998.
  • Iubileen Slavianski glas. 95 godini Slaviansko druzhestvo v Bulgariia. Broi edinstven, noemvri-dekemvri 1994.
  • Oranzhevo Zemedelsko zname. 73 godini ot tragichnata gibel na Aleksandur Stamboliiski. Iuni 1996.
  • Pamet za Shtastlivetsa. 100 godini ot gibelta na Aleko Konstantinov. 11 mai 1997.
  • 70 godini Nikolai Kunchev. Iubileen vestnik. Dekemvri 2006.
  • Tsar Boris III. 100 godini. Iubileen list. 1994.