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Business and Labor History: Primary Sources at the Library of Congress

Judicial Papers

The Manuscript Division holds the nation's largest corpus of the papers of chief justices and associate justices, as well as those of many judges of the lower federal courts who played leading roles in American life. Included also in the Division's collections are the papers of members of Congress, U.S. attorneys general, several solicitors general, appeals court judges, and lawyers whose papers provide insights into major cases that affected the course of labor history. Files regarding key court cases bearing upon the legal position of workers and unions often can be found in the relevant judicial papers.

Use the "Advanced Search" function on the Library of Congress Online Catalog and limit the location to "Manuscript" to locate relevant collections in the Manuscript Division. The following subject headings may also be used to identify collections related to labor law and the Supreme Court:

The collections below highlight collections of justices who interacted with business and labor issues before their tenure on the Supreme Court. 

The following materials link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.

United States Reports

United States Reports is a series of bound case reporters that are the official reports of decisions for the United States Supreme Court dating to the court’s first decision in 1791 and to earlier courts that preceded the Supreme Court in the colonial era. The Library’s new online collection offers access to individual cases published in volumes 1-542 of the bound edition. This collection of Supreme Court cases is fully searchable. Filters allow users to narrow their searches by date, name of the justice authoring the opinion, subject and by the main legal concepts at issue in each case. PDF versions of individual cases can be viewed and downloaded.