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Byzantine Empire: A Resource Guide

The Byzantine Empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire, lasted for over 1100 years, from 330-1453. This research guide provides an overview of materials held by the Library of Congress as well as databases and external resources on this Empire.


The Byzantine Empire traces its beginnings to the year 330 when Emperor Constantine split the Roman Empire into a western and eastern half. This eastern half, or Byzantine Empire as it was later called, remained the strongest power in Europe throughout the rest of late antiquity and even during parts of the middle ages. It survived until 1453, when its capital Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks. This guide provides lists of resources for researchers. These resources include monographs, atlases, journals, encyclopedias, electronic databases, and freely available websites.

The items described in this guide are housed within many reading rooms throughout the Library of Congress including the Main Reading Room, the Geography and Maps Reading Room, the Prints and Photographs Reading Room, the Microfilm and Electronic Resources Center, and others. For further information on these research centers, see the "Using the Library of Congress" section of this guide.