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Cartoons & Caricatures: Finding Images at the Library of Congress

Selected Collections

Thomas E Powers, artist. The Hut Club. Joe went after the big one. Circa 1912. Swann Collection of Caricature & Cartoon. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division

Listed below are selected collections in the Prints & Photographs Division that contain original cartoon and caricature art. The entries give a sense of the variety and quantity of items in each grouping, with links to searchable content or further information. The collections fall into two major groups: those consisting of items that are predominantly pre-20th century and those that are predominantly 20th century or later. Comics (e.g. comic strip and comic book art) figure prominently in some collections that also have strong holdings of political cartoons and caricature. Other collections heavily or even exclusively present political and social cartoon and caricature.

Where available, links are provided to Prints & Photographs Online Catalog categories where the collection can be searched or to search results in the catalog for materials that do not have their own category. In other cases, links are to summary descriptions in catalog records. Please note that some collections have not yet been fully organized and described. These generally have "unprocessed" in their call number. To access these "unprocessed" collections, please submit an online request form at least 14 days before you hope to visit the Prints & Photographs Reading Room.

Predominantly Pre-20th Century

Predominantly 20th Century and Later