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Cataloging Cartographic Materials

List of Genre/Form Headings

Below is a list of genre/form subject headings used in cataloging cartographic resources. Consult ClassWeb Plus for the most up-to-date listing of genre/form terms.

Aerial photographs Flow maps Physical maps
Aerial views Gazetteers Pictorial maps
Aeronautical charts Geodatabases Plotting charts
Armillary spheres Geographic information systems Portolan charts
Astronautical charts Geological cross-sections Quadrangle maps
Astronomical models Geological maps Raster data
Atlases Geospatial data Relief models
Bathymetric maps Globes Remote-sensing images
Block diagrams Gores (maps) Remote-sensing maps
Bottle-charts Gravity anomaly maps Road maps
Cadastral maps Index maps Statistical maps
Cartographic materials Linguistic atlases Stick charts
Cartographic materials for people with visual disabilities Loran charts Strip maps
Celestial charts Lunar globes Thematic maps
Celestial globes Manuscript maps Topographic maps
Children's atlases Mappae mundi Topological maps
Children's maps Maps Tourist maps
Comparative maps Mental maps Upside-down maps
Composite atlases Meteorological charts Vector data
Digital elevation models Military maps Views
Digital maps Mine maps Wall maps
Early maps Miniature maps World atlases
Ephemerides Nautical charts World maps
Ethnographic maps Outline maps Worm's-eye views
Facsimiles Photogrammetric maps Zoning maps
Fire insurance maps Photomaps