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Cataloging Cartographic Materials

Subject Cutters by Topic

The table below shows subject Cutters used in classifying cartographic materials arranged by topic in alphabetical order. These Cutters are used in the Library of Congress Classification scheme (LCC). Consult ClassWeb Plus for the most up-to-date listing of subject Cutters.

Administrative divisions .F7
Aerial photography .B52
Aerial photography progress .B52
Aerial photography status .B52
Aerial views .A3
Aeroelectric power generation .N34
Aeronautical charts .P6
Afforestation .K3
Agents of forest destruction .K5
Agricultural economics .J15
Agricultural methods .J2
Agricultural products, industrial .J8
Agricultural regions .J1
Agricultural systems .J2
Agriculture .J1
Air Force .R22
Air pollution .N852
Air routes .P62
Air transportation .P6
Airports .P61
Anaglyphs .A45
Animal geography .D3
Animal husbandry .J5
Aquaculture .L4
Aquatic biological resources .L1
Aquatic life, economic aspects of .L1
Aquatic vegetation .L4
Archaeological sites .E15
Architecture .E644
Area codes .P94
Army .R24
Artificial precipitation .C887
Arts .E64
Astrology .E628
Astronomical observations .B1
Astronomical observatories .B1
Atmospheric circulation .C84
Atmospheric electricity .C87
Atmospheric moisture .C88
Atmospheric precipitation .C88
Atmospheric pressure .C842
Atmospheric temperature .C82
Beverage manufacture .M8
Beverage plants .J912
Beverage processing .M8
Biogeography .D1
Biographical maps .A85
Bird's-eye views .A3
Birth control .E24
Blind, maps for the .A7
Botany .D2
Brahmanism .E452
Bridges .P24
Buddhism .E47
Building and construction .N23
Building materials .N23
Bus routes .P22
Business center/City center .A15
Business cycles .G16
Business district .A15
Business organizations .G7
Business statistics .Q2
Cadastral maps .G46
Cartograms .A63
Cartography .B7
Cartoon maps .A6
Catchment areas .C315
Caves .C23
Cemeteries .G54
Census tracts .E25
Cereals .J61
Chemical manufacture .M3
Chemical processing .M3
Christianity .E42
Cities, collective .A1
Civil defense .R6
Civil engineering .N23
Civilizations .E6
Classification, land .G4
Classification, soil .J3
Climate classification systems .C8
Climate regions .C813
Climatology .C8
Clinics .E58
Cloud cover .C882
Coal .H9
Coast Guard .R26
Coffee .J912
Coins .Q8
Colonial possessions .F33
Commerce .Q1
Commodities, movement of .Q3
Communication .P1
Communications .P9
Comparative area .B8
Comparison diagrams .B8
Concentration camps .F86
Condensation .C882
Condiments .J93
Conservation .K3
Conservation (General) .G3
Conservation, soil .J4
Construction .N23
Consular service .F55
Cordage .J82
Crafts .E642
Crops .J6
Cultural geography .E6
Currencies .Q8
Customs and folklore .E62
Customs, social (social and ethnic aspects) .E622
Cycles, economic .G16
Dams .N2
Defenses .R4
Deforestation .K3
Demographic aspects of disasters .E29
Density of ocean water .C73
Departments, agencies, etc. .F7
Detention centers .F86
Dew .C882
Digital cartographic materials .A25
Digital elevation models .A253
Diplomatic service .F55
Disasters, demographic aspects of .E29
Discovery ,S12
Diseases .E51
Dispensaries .E58
Dissemination of information .P97
Distances .P15
Distribution of forest areas .K2
Distribution of forest types .K2
Domestic economic assistance .G17
Downtown .A15
Drainage basins .C315
Drama .E645
Droughts .C886
Dynamic and structural geology .C55
Earthquakes .C55
Ecclesiastical organizations, sects, denominations .E423
Ecology .E1
Economic aspects of agriculture .J15
Economic assistance (domestic) .G17
Economic conditions .G1
Economic cycles .G16
Economic planning .G15
Economic regions .G2
Economic spheres of influence .G2
Economics, agricultural .J15
Education .E68
Election results .F9
Electric utilities .N4
Electric utilities service areas .N4
Electronic navigation charts .P58
Employment .G8
Engineering .N1, .N18
Engineering, civil .N23
Engineering geology .N24
Engineering, hydraulic .N2
Engineering, soil ,N26
Erosion .J4
Ethnic reservations .G6
Ethnolinguistics .E3
Evaporation .C882
Exhibitions .Q48
Exploitation .K6
Exploration .S12
Extent of areas surveyed or mapped .B5
Extinct cities and towns .E15
Fairs .Q48
Families .E6225
Famine .E59
Farming technique .J2
Fertilizers .F48
Fiber manufacture .M6
Fiber processing .M6
Finance .Q1, .Q8
Financial firms .Q8
Fire insurance .G475
Fire protection .G475
Fires, forest .K5
Fish hatcheries .L2
Fisheries .L2
Fishing .L2
Flags .F37
Flood control .N22
Floods .C32
Floriculture .J95
Fog .C882
Folklore .E62, .E627
Food manufacture .M8
Food processing .M8
Forage crops .J67
Foreign exchange credits .Q8
Forest areas, distribution of  .K2
Forest destruction, agents of .K5
Forest fires ,K5
Forest types, distribution of .K2
Forestry .K1
Forests .K1
Forms of government .F81
Fortifications .R4
Frost .C882
Fruits .J73
Gas utilities .N42
Genealogy .E6225
General anthropogeography .E1
General economic geography .G1
General human and cultural geography .E1
Geochemistry .C58
Geodetic surveys .B3
Geography, military .R1
Geography, naval .R1
Geological surveys .C51
Geological surveys progress .C51
Geological surveys status .C51
Geology .C5
Geology, engineering .N24
Geomorphology .C2
Geophysical divisions .C21
Geophysics .C9
Geothermal steam sources .N32
Glaciers .C38
Glaciology .C38
Globe gores .B71
Government .F8
Government, forms of .F81
Gravity .C95
Ground characteristics .C28
Ground water .C34
Gum plants .J84
Hail .C885
Heraldry .E623
Hide manufacture .M6
Hide processing .M6
Hinduism .E45
Historic trails .P25
Historical geography .S1
Historical geology .C57
Hobbies .E642
Hospitals .E58
Housing .E73
Human .E1
Hydraulic engineering .N2
Hydroelectric power generation .N33
Hydrogeology .C3
Hydrographic surveys .C31
Hydrographic surveys progress .C31
Hydrographic surveys status .C31
Hydrology .C3
Icebergs .C74
Income .E74
Income tax .E74
Index maps .A2
Industrial agricultural products .J8
Industries, service .M95
Information, dissemination of .P97
Inland waterways .P53
Insolation .C83
Insurance .G475
Intellectual and aesthetic life .E64

International boundaries

International relations .F5
Interurban railroads .P33
Irrigation .J4
Islam .E44
Judaism .E43
Labor .G8
Labor relations .G8
Land .G4
Land capabilities .G4
Land classification .G4
Land grants .G465
Land ownership .G46
Land pollution .N854
Land use .G4
Landing fields .P61
Languages .E3
Law enforcement .F85
Laws .F85
Legislature, votes in .F9
Legumes .J67
Libraries .E67
Lignite .H9
Literature .E65
Livestock .J5
Load line charts .P54
Logistics .R5
Lumbering .K6
Magnetohydrodynamics .N35
Malnutrition .E59
Manufacture .M2
Manufacture, beverage .M8
Manufacture, chemical .M3
Manufacture, fiber .M6
Manufacture, food .M8
Manufacture, hide .M6
Manufacture, mineral .M2
Manufacture, paper .M5
Manufacture, textile .M6
Manufacture, transport equipment .M9
Manufacture, wood .M4
Manufacturing and processing .M1
Maps for the blind .A7
Maps, mental .A67
Marine Corps .R282
Marketing .Q4
Material culture .E8
Mechanics of atmosphere .C84
Mechanics, soil .N26
Medical geography .E5
Medical professions .E52
Medicinal plants .J92
Mental maps .A67
Metallic group .H2
Meteorology .C8
Military colors .F37
Military districts and establishments .R2
Military geography .R1
Military operations .R3
Mineral processing .M2
Mineral resources .H1
Mineral waters .C36
Mines and mineral resources .H1
Missions .E424
Monuments .G52
Motion pictures .E645
Movement of commodities .Q3
Movements of population .E27
Movements of the earth .B2
Museums .E655
Music .E646
Mythology .E627
Natural gas .H8
Natural geographic regions .C21
Natural resources .G3
Nautical charts .P5
Naval districts and establishments .R2
Naval geography .R1
Navigation charts, electronic .P58
Navy .R28
Noise pollution .N858
Nonmetallic group .H5
Nuclear power .N35
Nurseries .J95
Nutrition .E59
Nuts .J73
Ocean currents .C75
Ocean routes .P54
Ocean tides .C76
Oceanography .C7
Oil bearing plants .J86
Orthophotomaps .A4
Other plants .J9
Other transportation systems .P78
Outlets, retail sales .Q46
Outline and base maps .A1
Painting .E648
Paleontology .C57
Panoramas .A35
Paper manufacture .M5
Paper processing .M5
Parking regulations .P23
Parks .G52
Peat .H9
Pelagic mammals .L5
Petroleum .H8
Photomaps .A4
Physical sciences .C1
Physiography .C2
Pictomaps .A4
Pilot charts .P5
Pipe lines .P4
Planning .G45
Planning, economic .G15
Plant geography .D2
Plants, medicinal .J92
Plants, oil bearing .J86
Plants, other .J9
Plotting charts .A1
Political campaigns .F9
Political divisions .F7
Political geography .F1
Political results .F9
Pollution .N85
Pollution, air .N852
Pollution control .N85
Pollution, noise .N858
Pollution of land .N854
Pollution, water .N856
Population .E2
Population decrease .E24
Population increase .E24
Port facilities .P55
Ports .P55
Postal service .P8
Postal zones .P8
Power .N3
Power generation, aeroelectric .N34
Power generation, hydroelectric .N33
Power generation, thermoelectric .N32
Power lines .N4
Power, nuclear .N35
Power, solar .N36
Power, water .N33
Power, wind .N34
Press .P97
Printing .P97
Processing, beverage .M8
Processing, chemical .M3
Processing, fiber .M6
Processing, food .M8
Processing, hide .M6
Processing, mineral .M2
Processing, paper .M5
Processing, textile .M6
Professional organizations .G7
Projections .B72
Propaganda .P97
Public health .E55
Public lands .G5
Public opinion .P97
Public works .N1
Quota .E272
Radiation .C83
Radio .P95
Radioactivity .C92
Railroads .P3
Railroads, interurban .P33
Railroads, urban .P33
Rain .C883
Rainmaking .C887
Raised relief globes .C18
Real property .G46
Real property tax .G47
Reclamation .J4
Recreation .E63
Reforestation .K3
Regions, economic .G2
Regulation .E272
Relief models .C18
Religions .E4
Remote-sensing images .A43
Remote-sensing maps .A4
Reservations, ethnic .G6
Resin plants .J84
Retail sales outlets .Q46
Roads .P2
Rubber plants .J84
Ruined cities and towns .E15
Salinity and density of ocean water .C73
Satellite tracks .P75
Sculpture .E648
Sea animal products .L2
Sea ice .C37
Sealing .L5
Seismology .C55
Service areas, electric utilities .N4
Service industries .M1, .M95
Sewerage .N46
Shelter .E73
Shipping lines .P54
Shopping centers .Q44
Shopping malls .Q44
Silviculture .K4
Slavery .E9
Slope .C28
Snow .C884
Snowmelt .C884
Social customs (Social and ethnic aspects) .E622
Social geography .E6
Social organizations .E624
Social problems .E625
Soil capability .J3
Soil classification .J3
Soil conservation .J3
Soil engineering .N26
Soil mechanics .N26
Soil utilization .J3
Soils .J3
Solar power .N36
Sovereignty .F3
Space transportation .P7
Special format .A9
Special geographical names .A8
Special interests .E642
Spheres of influence, economic .G2
Spices .J93
Sports .E63
Stereographs .A45
Starch .J77
Statistical areas .E25
Steam .N32
Storms .C86
Strategy and tactics .R3
Stratigraphy .C57
Strikes .G8
Structural geology .C55
Structure of atmosphere .C84
Submarine cables .P93
Suburbs and city regions .A1
Sugar .J77
Surface quality .C28
Surface winds .C842
Surveying .B5
Surveys, traffic .P21
Surveys, traffic feasibility .P18
Systems of agriculture .J2
Tariffs .Q5
Tax assessment .G47
Tea .J912
Technology .N1
Tectonics .C55
Telegraph .P92
Telephone .P94
Television .P96
Temperature of ocean water .C72
Terrain studies .C28
Terrestrial magnetism .C93
Territorial expansion .F35
Textile fibers .J82
Textile manufacture .M6
Textile processing .M6
Textiles .J82
Theaters .E645
Thermoelectric power generation .N32
Tobacco .J94
Tourist maps .E635
Tourist trade .E635
Trade .Q1
Trade barriers .Q5
Trade centers .Q42
Trading areas .Q42
Traffic feasibility surveys .P18
Traffic and parking regulations .P23
Traffic surveys .P21
Trafficability .P18
Trails, historic .P25
Transport equipment manufacture .M9
Transportation .P1
Transportation, air .P6
Transportation systems, other .P78
Transportation, water .P5
Travels of individuals .A85
Treasure trove .E75
Tree farms .K4
Troop disposition .R2
Truck routes .P22
Tunnels .P24
Underground grottoes ,C23
Unions .G8
Urban railroads .P33
Urban renewal .G455
Utilities .N39
Utilities, electric .N4
Utilities, gas .N42
Utilities, water .N44
Vegetables .J7
Vegetation .D2
Vegetation, aquatic .L4
Vital statistics .E24
Voluntary movements of population .E27
Votes in legislature .F9
Vulcanology  .C55
War games .R3
Waste disposal .N46
Water composition .C35
Water distribution .N44
Water pollution .N856
Water power .N33
Water purification plants .N44
Water quality .C35
Water storage .N44
Water table .C34
Water transportation .P5
Water utilities .N44
Waterways, inland .P53
Weather forecasting .C815
Whaling .L5
Wildlife conservation .D4
Wildlife refuges .D4
Wildlife reserves .D4
Wind power .N34
Wind systems .C84
Wood manufacture .M4
Wood processing .M4
World War I .S65
World War II .S7
Wreck charts .P57
Zip codes .P8
Zoning .G44
Zoogeography .D3