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The Caucasus: Cartographic Resources in the Library of Congress


Chechnya Single Maps

Checheno-Ingushskaia ASSR. (Moscow: GUGK, 1974). Offset lithograph, color. Scale 1:600,000.  Filed at LC call number G7063 .C3 1974

1974 Soviet school map of Chechnya-Ingushetia. Shows cities and towns; place names; republic, oblast, and raion boundaries; highways and roads and passes; railroads; rivers and irrigation canals; dunes; mountain ranges; and relief by shading a few spot heights. Includes a list of fourteen raions and raion centers. Includes legend.


Checheno-Ingushskaia ASSR. (Moscow: GUGK, 1970). Offset lithograph, colored. Scale 1:600,000. Filed under LC call number G7063 .C3 1970 .S6.

Soviet school map of Chenya-Ingushetia dated 1970 emphasizing its political and administrative divisions. Depicts boundaries at the oblast, republic, and raion levels; cities and towns; place names; railroads; five categories of roads; passes; rivers and irrigation canals; glaciers; and relief by shading and spot heights. Includes legend. Includes indexed table of thirteen raions and raion centers.

Cities and Towns

Grosnyj. (S.l.: s.n., 193-). Photostat, black and white. Scale 1:20,000. Filed under LC call number G7064 .G77 193- .G7

Photostat, enlarged by German Army in 1942 from original, of basic city plan of Grozny. Depicts streets but not street names, railroad lines and railway yard, bridges, and locations of oil tanks.

Stadtplan von Grossnyi. ([Berlin]: Reichsamt für Landesaufnahme, Topographische Abteilung, 1942). Map, black and white. Scale 1:15,000. Filed under LC call number G7064 .G77 1942 .G4

Germany Army map of Grozny from the Second World War. Shows streets but no street names; densely populated areas; railroads and railway yard; bridges; and numerous unidentified facilities, among them petroleum storage tanks. Oriented with north towards right. Verso includes vendor's label. Map printed on verso of surplus Russian stock.

Wehrwirtschaftlicher Stadtdplan von Grossnyi. ([Berlin]: Kartenbatterie / 613, 1942). Photostat, black and white. Scale 1:15,000. Filed under LC call number G7064 .G77 1942 .G41

German Army defense economic city plan of Grozny from World War II. Depicts streets; densely populated areas; railroads and railway yard; bridges; petroleum storage tanks; and numerous sites of military interest, such as industrial complexes, aircraft fuel factory, petroleum refinery, petroleum pumping stations, lubricating oil factory, railroad and aircraft repair facilities, hospitals, etc. Includes an indexed list of military objectives, indexed list of cultural and industrial sites, and a list of streets.

Grozny. ([Wash.]: s.n., [194-]). Photocopy, black and white. Scale 1:25,000. Filed under LC call number G7064 .G77 1948 .U5

Basic city of Grozny from after World War II. Shows streets, railways, bridges, and a few unidentified buildings. Verso includes map of Dzaudzhikau (Vladikavkaz) and vicinity. Map likely American in origin.


Checheno-Ingushskaia ASSR. Ekonomicheskaia Uchebnaia Karta. V. P. Komarov and S. D. Shteynberg  (Moscow: GUGK, 1970). Offset lithograph, color. Scale 1:400,000.  Filed under LC call number G7063 .C3G1 1970 .R8

Soviet school economic map of Chechnya-Ingushetia from 1970.  Depicts manufacturing industries, mining industries, agricultural zones, the largest state farms, and oil, gas, and electric lines. Also shows, roads, railroads, rivers, irrigation canals, irrigated lands, the locations of mineral waters and resorts, and boundaries. Includes six graphs indicating rising levels of production in various industries up until 1969; bar graphs indicating the growth agricultural production for the period 1958-68; and pie charts indicating the percentage growth of lands under cultivation from 1913 to 1968. Includes extensive legend.