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The Caucasus: Cartographic Resources in the Library of Congress

North Ossetia-Alania

North Ossetia-Alania Single Maps

Kabardino-Balkarskaia ASSR, Severo-Osetinskaia ASSR. Redaktor: S. D. Shteĭnberg. Tekhnicheskiĭ redaktor: O. V. Orlova. Soviet Union. Glavnoe upralenie geodezii i kartografii. Map, colored. Scale 1:600,000.  Filed under LC call number G7063.K15 1970 .R8

1970 Soviet map of Kabardino-Balkaria and North Ossetia. Relief shown by shading and spot heights. Includes indexed table of administrative divisions.


Kabardino-Balkarskaia ASSR. Severo-Osetinskaia ASSR. (Moscow: GUGK, 1974). Offset lithograph, color. Scale 1:600,000. Filed under LC call number G7063 .K15 1974 .R8

Soviet map of Kabardino-Balkaria and North Ossetia depicting their political and administrative divisions. Shows cities, towns, and villages; republic, oblast, and raion boundaries; reserves and sanctuaries; highways, roads, and passes; railroads; rivers and irrigation canals; glaciers; and relief by shading and spot heights. Includes an indexed table of raions and raion center for both republics. Includes legend.

Cities and Towns

Plan' Oblastnogo Goroda Vladikavkaza Terskoi Oblasti. Izdanie 1911 g. Oblastnogo Staticheskogo Komiteta pod' redaktsiei Sekretaria Komiteta Pod'esaula M. A. Karylova 2go. (t. Petersburg: A. Il'ina, 1911). Chromolithograph, colored. Scale 1:8,400. 100 sagenes to 1 English inch. Filed under LC call number G7064 .V54 1911 .T4

Detailed city plan of Vladkavkaz from 1911. Shows, via color and symbol, developed areas, public and private buildings in areas served by water utilities, gardens and parks, and areas awaiting development. Also depicts streets and boulevards; railway lines; city blocks and block numbers; rivers and stream beds; embankments; dams; river features; bridges; city limits; churches and mosques; and relief by hachures. Includes legend. Includes two insets, one depicting the Georgian Military Highway, the other the environs of Vladikavkaz and a portion of the military highway to the Devdoraki glacier.

Ordshonikidse. ([Germany]: Heeresgruppe A Ia Mess. Kartenbatterie / 613, [194-]). Photostat, black and white. Scale 1:10,000. Filed under LC call number G7064 .V54 1937 .G4

German Army map of Vladikavkaz from World War II. Map shows generalized land use and densely populated areas; streets; railway lines; and some major buildings and and possible military objectives, i.e factories, schools, bridges, headquarters of the war commissariat and the district commissioner of the party, air force flight school, etc. Note indicates that street names were taken from a 1:10,000 scale confiscated map dated 1937.

Ordzhonikidse 1:25,000 (Original). Karta-Skhema (Ordzhonikidze). ([Berlin]: Germany. Heer. Abteilung fur Kriegskarten und Vermessungswesen, [1942]). Photolithograph, colored. Scale 1:25,000. Filed under LC call number G7064 .V54 1941 .G4 MLC

1941 Russian topographic map, with German overprint in red, depicting Vladikavkaz and its environs from the early years of the Second World War. Map shows cities and towns; place names in Russian and German; roads and trails; a railroad; rivers; cultivated lands; vegetation pictorially and by color; locations of various cultural features, i.e machine tractor stations, factory, clay pit, schools, burial mounds, etc.; and relief by contours, hachures, spot heights, and land form drawings. Includes a list of German words and abbreviations for local features.

Ordshonikidse (Wladikawkas) / Stadtplan mit Mil.-Geo.-Ojbjeken. ([Berlin]: RSHA Reichssicherheitshaupt-ampt-Amt. VI SS, 1944). Photostat, black and white. Scale 1:10,000. Filed under LC call number G7064 .V54 1944 .G4

Unfinished SS city plan of Vladikavkaz. Shows streets and city blocks, railway line, bridges, and cemetery; but no military objectives included.

Dzaudzikau. ([Washington]: s.n., [194-]). Photocopy, black and white. Scale 1:25,000. Filed under LC call number G7064 .V54 1948 .U5

Basic street plan of Vladikavkaz from after World War II. Shows streets and street names, railway lines, and a few unidentified buildings. Verso includes map of Grozny and vicinity. Map is American in origin.


Severo-Osetinskaia ASSR, fizicheskaia uchebnaia karta : masshtab 1:400 000 / karta sostavlena i otpechatana fabrikoĭ no. 8 v 1971 g. (Moscow: Glavnoe upravlenie geodezii i kartografii pri Sovete Ministrov SSSR, 1971). Map, colored. Scale 1:400,000.  Filed under LC call number G7063.N55C2 1971 .S6

Map of North Ossetia emphasizing its topography and physical characteristics. Depicts cities and towns; borders; railroads; roads and passes; rivers and irrigation canals; mean annual discharge of select rivers; petroleum and mineral deposits; sources of mineral waters; sites of cultural, historical, and natural interest; glaciers; and relief by contours, shading, gradient tints, and spot heights. Includes legend. Includes text with city/town histories and foundation dates. Also include three climagraphs and four 1:750,000 scale insets, each with a legend, of North Ossetia's geology, climate, soils, and vegetation.

Travel and Tourism

Severnaia Osetiia, turistskaia skhema. Redakor: N. G. Mgebrishvili. Tekhnicheskiĭ redaktor: M. A. Razmadze. (Moscow: GUGK, 1971.  Map, colored. Scale not given. Filed under LC call number G7063.N55E635 1971 .S6

Soviet tourist map of North Ossetia. Shows roads, trails, autobus routes, and passes; railroads; tourist bases and alpine camps; sites of cultural interest; sources of mineral waters, resorts, and sanitaria; cities and towns; reserves; vegetation; and relief by shading, spot heights, and land form drawings. Includes legend. Also includes text describing significant places, a key to tourist routes, and colored illustrations on verso of sites of cultural and archeological significance.