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Chile: Hispanic Division Country Guide

Chile in the Handbook of Latin American Studies

Search in the Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS) for books, articles, conference papers, chapters in books, and other material related to Chile and other Latin American countries. The descriptions of the materials written by experts will help you decide if the item will be helpful for your studies and research.

  • Browse titles, authors, or subjects
  • Keyword Search can also help to locate keywords anywhere in HLAS records. You can get more specific and "Add Limits" to further refine your search by Year Published, Language, Type of Material, and Place of Publication.
  • Advance Search can help for very specific searching

Pro-tip: Many HLAS records provide links to related digital resources, full-text (articles), or to the LC Online Catalog record. Look for highlighted links under the annotation and connect to more resources.

Below are examples of publications about Chile in HLAS. The descriptions are written by Contributing Editors to HLAS.

Selected Chile Titles in HLAS