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Chronicling America: A Guide for Researchers

Images: Clip, Save, and Share

Along with downloading images, Chronicling America has various features to clip, save, and share whole and parts of newspaper images. Below includes guidance on sharing images.

Clipping Images on Chronicling America

To clip an image from a page on Chronicling America, select the Clip clip icon icon found on the top right corner of the page.

The clipping icon is transparent by default. It can appear grey, white, or black on top of digitized newspapers.

clipping process before

Clipping Process

Image of Cropping Process
Image of the Cropping Process

To begin, make sure you are at either the Image or Image w/Text page.

The clipping tool is only activated on these two pages. When it is activated, it will turn blue.

  • Draw a box around the text or image you would like to capture.
  • Drag the box to move the crop box.
  • Move the blue squares to adjust the size and shape of the crop box. There is a total of 8 squares on the sides and corners of the box.
  • After you have adjusted your crop box, select the Clip Image icon.
  • To start over, click on the blue X icon.
  • To end the clipping process without clipping an image, click on the blue X icon and then un-select the Clip clip icon icon.

Saving Clipped Images

  • After the image has been clipped, a new page will open in a new window with the clipped image.
  • You will have two size options for your picture.
  • Confirm the size by selecting image decrease icon or image increase icon before you download the image.
  • If the image size is correct, click Download this image.
  • After the image loads, right click the image and select Save Image As.

Reusing and Sharing Clipped Images

  • Select Share on the bottom of the clipped image.
  • You will now be given access to the Embed Link, Page Link, or IIIF URL.
  • Select the link of your choice and share.

The URL of the clipped image can be reused, shared, and embedded in images and citations so you will not need to re-upload the image.

Chronicling America is IIIF-compatible. This means you can share and reuse links to the newspaper images. The Image Services API provides access to images from the Library of Congress using the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) External Image API.