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Chronicling America: A Guide for Researchers

Newspaper Title Information, Essays, and Calendar View

Digitized newspapers in Chronicling America are accompanied by a Title Information page, a Newspaper Title Essay, and Calendar View. The Title Information functions like a catalog record and provides publication information about the newspaper. The Newspaper Title Essays are rich sources of contextual and background information about each newspaper. Furthermore, the Calendar View helps researchers visualize the frequency of a newspaper, and the availability and unavailability of digitized dates of issues.

Newspaper Title Information

On the bottom of every image in Chronicling America, the Newspaper Title Information will be present. This provides basic newspaper information about the title.

Notable Title Information to pay attention to:

  • Subject Headings: This field provides some background information on a newspaper such as where it is from and if it's related to any special collections, groups of people, or themes.
  • Notes: This field provides non-traditional bibliographic information about a newspaper title that could not fit in any other place. Sometimes it includes information on dates that were skipped during publication.
  • Ethnicity: This field identifies whether the newspaper was published with an ethnic community in mind as the readership.

Newspaper Title Essays

Participants of the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) write essays to provide a summary description of the scope, content, and significance of the newspaper for each title selected for digitization and inclusion in Chronicling America.

You can find an accompanying title essay by selecting About this Newspaper. If the Newspaper Title Essay is present, it should appear at the top of the screen.

The easiest way to find Newspaper Title Essays is by going to All Digitized Titles. From there, look at the column that says Essay Available. All of the newspaper titles with a check mark in this column have Newspaper Title Essays.

Calendar View

You can find a newspaper's Calendar view by selecting About this Newspaper. On the new page, select Browse Digitized Issues.

Another way to get access to the Calendar View for a newspaper title is by going to All Digitized Titles. From there, look at the column that says Browse Digitized Issues. Click on the calendar icon of any of these titles to go directly to the calendar view for the newspaper title of your choice.