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Colonies in America: Commerce, Business, and the Economy

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The subject headings below are only for states and larger regions - there are also many books written about particular towns, counties, and areas which are a rich source for an even more detailed picture. We have tried to group them by general region to make it easier to find the places that may be of interest, but for those places where one city dominated in a colonial period (Philadelphia in Pennsylvania and New Orleans in Louisiana) then books about this history of the city may be important and even essential to understanding the economic life of the place. Once you click on the link you may also see items that are even more specific so you can browse the related subject headings. In the catalog do a SUBJECTS CONTAINING search using Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775 to see all that is available.

For additional subject that are broader in nature, see the Search the Library's Catalog section of this guide. Often, these subject headings can also be used in the catalogs of university and other research collections.

New England & New York

Pennsylvania, Maryland & Virginia

The Carolinas & Southern Colonies

Louisiana & Florida

General & Regional