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Doing Company Research: A Resource Guide

Searching for the News

There are many times when people are looking for information that may be more nebulous, or where filings and websites only provide some information - like biographies of the executives, information on intellectual property, marketing/advertising information, corporate strategy, and clients. Using information found in filings, web pages, and other published sources along with searching current news and trade publications can provide a more detailed picture. These are databases for searching current news and can be helpful for those researching both public and private companies.

The Library of Congress subscribes to many databases the may not be designed to use for business and company research specifically.  You can see what the Library subscribes to by going to our E-Resources page. The subscription resources marked with a padlock  are available to researchers on-site at the Library of Congress.  If you are unable to visit the Library, you may be able to access these resources through your local public or academic library.