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Corporate Annual Reports at the Library of Congress

SEC Filings 1978-1997

Corporate Annual Reports in Microfiche. Library of Congress Business Reference Services.

The Library also has a microfiche set containing the filings that companies submitted to the Securities & Exchange Commission for the fiscal years 1978-1997. This set has not been digitized.

The set itself does not include filings from all public companies and does not include all filings for the companies that are included. The filings that are included are 10Ks, 10Qs, and 8Ks with some other ones that were included to complete the picture of a company. Some annual reports are included in this collection in those cases when the 10K is only complete with the annual report—often referred to as being "incorporated by reference."

This set was initially issued by Q-Data, and is available in the Science & Business Reading Room. Researchers will need to use the index to find the appropriate filings. Please Ask a Business Librarian about accessing this collection. There are databases that do have older SEC filings so please see the Additional Resources tab in this guide for a list of those.

Digitized Index to the SEC Filings on Microfiche

The digitized indexes are below, organized in each volume alphabetically by company name. The index will provide the number and letter code for the particular filing(s) needed to retrieve the microfiche, for example 89-9502(K).

How to Request

Visitors with a Reader Card can come to the Science & Business Reading Room on the 5th floor of the Adams Building to view the microfiche. Please Ask a Business Librarian prior to your visit so we can confirm we have the particular microfiche filings you are requesting.

It is also possible to order a copy of these filings via the Library's Duplication Services. Use the contact information below for a price quote, which generally starts at $40 and up, depending on the number of pages needed. In the request form, include the link to this page along with the title of the appropriate collection in your request (e.g. SEC Filings), and note that the collection is part of Technical Reports, 4th Floor, Adams Building. Provide the number and letter code for the particular filing(s) from the index (it looks like 89-9502(K)) that you will need to provide to Duplication Services.

Library of Congress Duplication Services
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