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Stories from the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Resource Guide

Share Your COVID-19 Story with StoryCorps

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COVID-19 has affected every American, but every American's experience of the pandemic is unique. Record your COVID-19 story with StoryCorps—a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing humanity’s stories. These stories are archived at the Library of Congress and made accessible online by StoryCorps at

You can share your pandemic experience with StoryCorps’ self-directed virtual tools (detailed below) or with a StoryCorps facilitator during their Mobile Tour stops. If using self-directed virtual tools, be sure to include key word "COVID-19" so that future listeners can easily find your work.

When you record with StoryCorps, your voice will be preserved so future generations can understand your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to other COVID-19 stories already part of the StoryCorps archive.


How Do I Use StoryCorps to Record My COVID-19 Story Online?

You can share your story online in two ways. First, you can use the StoryCorps App to record and upload your story with your phone. Second, you can use the StoryCorps Connect website to share your story via your computer. Find more information on how to use these resources at the links below:


How Can I Learn About Interviewing Through StoryCorps?

In addition to telling one’s story, many people wish to interview family, friends, and acquaintances using StoryCorps. If you are new to conducting interviews, here are materials from StoryCorps to assist:


Is There Specific Information I Should Collect, or Approaches I Should Take, for COVID-19 Documentation?

StoryCorps has provided ten excellent questions to ask if you are documenting experiences with COVID-19, as well as conversation guides for commemorating those lost during the pandemic. See these guides at the links below :


Other Things to Know about StoryCorps

Learn more about privacy, creating an account, and terms of use for StoryCorps:

Selections from the Library's Online Collections