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Congressional Quarterly & Roll Call Photograph Collections in the Library of Congress

Collection Strengths

Rebecca Roth, photographer. Rosa Parks at her Congressional Gold Medal ceremony... 1999. CQ Roll Call Photograph Collection. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.

The majority of photos in the Congressional Quarterly and Roll Call Collection document the operations of the U.S. Congress. This includes congressional hearings, press conferences, public speeches, or photos taken during interviews with CQ or Roll Call reporters.

Portraits of senators, representatives, and congressional staff make up a large portion of both collections. The Roll Call portion, in particular, features many images taken for two regular columns "The Inquiring Paparazza" and "Hill Climbers."

The collection also includes photos of events around the Capitol, such as protests, rallies and presidential inaugurations. You can also find photos of celebrities who came to the Capitol either to testify before a committee or speak at a press conference.

The CQ portion of the collection includes many photos of hearings, showing testimony and interactions in hearing rooms. Among the notable hearings documented are those relating to the Whitewater inquiry, Operation Desert Shield (1990-1991), the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation, the Waco Branch Davidian Disaster, Vietnam War prisoners of war, and savings and loan association failures. The impeachment of President Clinton, Congressional activities relating to the Republican "Contract with America," the AIDS epidemic, the Iran-Contra Affair, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the September 11th terrorist attacks are also covered. While primarily focused on Capitol Hill activities, the collection also includes images taken outside Washington, D.C., while documenting legislative concerns. For example, the subject of tobacco is covered by numerous images depicting tobacco farmers in North Carolina, teen age smokers in Illinois, and state attorneys general involved in a tobacco litigation settlement. Environmental topics are illustrated by images of national parks, soil conservation, and pollution.

Roll Call, in fulfilling its mission to be a newspaper of Capitol Hill, took photos of the Capitol Hill neighborhood showing some of the restaurants, businesses, and homes in the area.

Photos of CQ and Roll Call staff members can be found in the collection, as well as events put on by each publication.