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Cyprus and Greek Cypriot Collections at the Library of Congress

Journals and Newspapers

The First Greek Newspapers of Nicosia. Library of Congress General Collections.

The Library's Serial and Government Publications Division maintains one of the most extensive collections of newspapers, current periodicals, comic books, and government publications. With over 25,000 non-US titles, it is the largest collection of international newspapers in the world. These materials are served in the Library's Newspaper & Current Periodical Reading Room. In total, the Library's holdings in this category consists of about 35 serials from Cyprus, including 26 newspaper titles from the 20th century to today and 8 journals. The sections below outline helpful links and titles of the mostly-Greek language serials from Cyprus. Current issues of journals are held in the Newspaper & Current Periodical Reading Room, but bound volumes are kept in the General Collections and may be pages using the Library of Congress Online Catalog.

The Library holds approximately 26 newspaper titles published at various points between the 20th century to the present in different cities in Cyprus. These include 18 titles from the metropolitan centers of Nicosia (Leukosia) and 1 from Limassol. The link at the end of this section provides a full inventory of titles published during the 20th century organized by date and place of publication. These nineteen titles combined were published during the 20th century and are held either offsite or in the general collections. Three of the more current newspaper titles held in the Library include Charauge, Polites, and Phileleutheros, which are all published in Nicosia. They are served in the Newspaper & Current Periodical Reading Room.

It is is important to note that not all Cypriot newspapers held at the Library of Congress are in Greek. Of the ones presented below, one is in Armenian, one is in Turkish, and several are in English.

The sections below present a selective listing of the Library of Congress Cypriot newspapers and journals, both historical and current, and where they may be accessed. Titles in remote storage will require additional time to request.

Cypriot Newspapers: Historical and Current

The Library of Congress holds most of the major Cypriot newspapers from the 20th century to the present. The list below indicates the Library's holdings and where they can be requested.


The following is a selective list of academic journals related to Cyprus held by the Library of Congress.