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Cyprus and Greek Cypriot Collections at the Library of Congress

Research Strategies

The Library holds a variety of materials in Modern Greek, all of which can be identified and located in the Library of Congress Online Catalog or through the Library of Congress Digital Collections. The Library of Congress Online Catalog is a great place to start your research since it provides bibliographic descriptions for the vast majority of collection items available at the Library.

Types of Searches

  • Browse
    Use this search to find titles, authors/creators, subjects, call numbers, or standard numbers.
  • Advanced Search
    Use this search for a guided approach to building a more complex search combining names, titles, subjects, and keywords as needed.
  • Keyword Search
    Use this search for a "one box" approach to find words and phrases anywhere in the catalog record or in title, author, or subject fields.

Using Search Limits

All searches can be narrowed down by adding filters to your search using the "Add Limits" button. Limit searches with the following options:

  • Years of Publication
  • Place of Publication
  • Location in the Library
  • Type of Material
  • Language

Historical Timeline

Knowledge of relevant dates in the history of Cyprus may also help you frame your research strategy. The following timeline provides some of the major turning points in Cypriot history from the Ottoman and British periods to the present day.

Ottoman Rule (1571-1878)

British Rule (1878-1961)

Independence and Combined Greek and Turkish Governance (1961-1974)

Establishment of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (1974)

Entry into European Union (2004)

Using ALA-LC Romanization Table

In addition to the strategies mentioned above, it is important to understand how the Library of Congress uses the Latin alphabet to render Modern Greek spelling and orthography. You should consult the American Library Association-Library of Congress Romanization table linked below.