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Dance Research at the Library of Congress

M: Music

Leon Flatlow, composer, and Eddie Cox, lyricist. Spanish Dancer from Madrid. 1918. Edison Sheet Music collection. Library of Congress Music Division.

The letter "M" precedes call numbers of library materials on the subject of Music. Class M contains three subclasses for more specific subject areas. This class contains a great deal of dance-related materials.

  • A call number that begins with M, "Music," indicates the format of notated music.
  • A call number that begins with ML, "Literature on Music," indicates books such as encyclopedias, biographies, thematic catalogs of composers, bibliographies, and discographies. Subclass ML also contains programs, letters, and music manuscripts.
  • A call number that begins with MT, "Musical Instruction and Study," indicates theoretical treatises and pedagogical materials.

Use the tabs below to explore selected call number ranges of Class M that pertain to dance research. These call numbers will assist users to browse the online catalog and assess materials for dance research. Users are encouraged to explore Class M in its entirety.

Readers use these resources in the Performing Arts Reading Room in the James Madison Building.


  • M1520.A6C3 (Case). Antheil, George. Capital of the World: a ballet.
  • ML3858.H6 1992. Hodgins, Paul. Relationships Between Score and Choreography in Twentieth-Century Dance. Lewiston, N.Y.: E. Mellen Press, 1992.
  • MT950.N23. Nahumck, Nadia Chilkovsky. Ten Dances in Labanotation.

Selected Class M Call Numbers for Dance

NOTE: The call number ranges in list below contain music for dancing. Instrumental music written in stylized dance forms, such as minuets or baroque dance suites, are cataloged by instrumentation in Subclass M.

  • M3.3: First editions by a limited list of composers, including Frédéric Chopin, Claude Debussy, Johann Strauss I and II
  • M30: Dances - General
  • M31: Dances - Two-rhythm (polka, etc.)
  • M32: Dances - Three-rhythm (waltz, etc.)
  • M1350: Dance orchestra or instrumental ensemble copyrighted or received prior to 1944 Jul 1
  • M1356 - 1356.2: Dance orchestra or instrumental ensemble copyrighted or received after 1944 Jul 1
  • M1450: Dance music
  • M1455: Dancer(s) with orchestra or other accompaniment
  • M1480: Electronic music, Aleatory music, Mixed media with danced or mimed parts
  • M1490: Music printed or coped in manuscript before 1700
  • M1520 - 1526: Ballets (full scores, piano scores, excerpts)
  • M2000 - 2007: Pantomime hymns
  • ML42: Programs – concerts
  • ML44: Programs – other
  • ML45: Circulars and advertisements
  • ML51: Librettos – Ballets, masques, pantomimes, etc.
  • ML95: Textual works  –  manuscript correspondence and miscellaneous items
  • ML102.F55: Dictionaries – Flamenco music 
  • ML128.B2: Bibliography –  Ballet 
  • ML128.D3: Bibliography –  Dance music and folk dance music
  • ML128.W16: Bibliography –  Waltzes
  • ML156.4.D3: Discography –  Dance music
  • ML1270.C68: History and criticism –  Courante
  • ML3400: History and criticism – Dance music – General works
  • ML3402 - 3406: History and criticism –  Dance music (by period)
  • ML3410 - 3451: History and criticism –  Dance music (by region or country)
  • ML3460: History and criticism –  Forms and types – ballet, pantomime, etc.
  • ML3465: History and criticism –  Forms and types – polka, waltz, two-step, etc.
  • ML3556 - 3776: History and criticism –  Folk, national, and ethnic music (by region or country)
  • ML3712: History and criticism –  Folk, national, and ethnic music –  Spain – Flamenco
  • ML3858: Philosophical, societal, physiological aspects of music –  Aesthetics – Opera, ballet, opera-ballet, etc.
  • ML3930: Biography –  Individual and works on individual performance groups
  • MT22: Jaques-Dalcroze
  • MT64.C48: Chaconne
  • MT64.F5: Flamenco
  • MT64.L23: Ländler
  • MT64.M5: Minuet
  • MT64.P6: Polonaise
  • MT64.R6: Rondo
  • MT64.W3: Waltz
  • MT733.7: Performance of dance band music
  • MT950: Music to accompany instruction in ballet, gymnastics, rhythmic movement, etc.