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Digital Scholarship at the Library of Congress: A Research Guide

Digital Scholarship Resources

This section of the guide provides some possible resources for people interested in conducting further research using digital tools, methods, materials, or approaches. All of the below offerings are open source and freely available.

However, please note that the Library of Congress does not endorse any of the select tutorials, trainings, or workshops included below.


People conducting further research with digital materials may seek to use tools that address the following needs: citations management, text analysis, data management, content management and presentation, and visualization. The select list of resources below are good ways to get started on where to find versions of these tools, many of which are freely available online.


  • Programming Historian External
    This website provides a wide range of technical tutorials for all skill levels.
  • Tooling Up for the Digital Humanities External
    This website from Stanford University is designed to be a starting place, an entryway for scholars interested in beginning to explore the possibilities for digital tools, programs, and methods to empower and enhance their scholarship in the humanities.
  • Library Carpentry lessons External
    Technical lessons designed for people working in library and information-related roles. All lessons are freely available under a CC-BY license, meaning that reusers may distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to the creator.

Project Registries

Additional Research Guides

General Digital Scholarship Groups