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Disability Law in the United States: A Beginner's Guide

Federal Investigatory and Compliance Offices

The following links are for the various investigatory and compliance offices within the federal government. Each office has jurisdiction over different matters related to the enforcement of disability-related laws. In some instances, more than one office may have jurisdiction over the same issues.

Regulatory Agencies

Specialized Federal Agency Offices

Protection and Advocacy Systems

Protection and Advocacy Systems (P&As) are federally-mandated offices in every U.S. state and territory that advocate for people with developmental disabilities or other impairments. P&As provide a variety of services, including advocacy, litigation, and outreach. P&As are funded by the federal government through several specific grants, which contain restrictions on the kinds of cases and roles a P&A can take in its representation or advocacy of an individual. All P&As are members of the National Disability Rights Network,External which serves as the central organization for policy and support of the system.