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Finding E-Books

Electronic books, or e-books, may be read on computers, mobile devices, and dedicated e-readers. This guide provides links to digital books at the Library of Congress and options for finding electronic books online, on the web and in other libraries.


For a richer, fuller life wake up and read. National Library Week, Apr. 16-22, 1961. Artist Posters Collection. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.

The Library of Congress provides access to a wide array of resources, both on-site as well as online. E-books, or electronic books, are texts that can be viewed or downloaded to be read digitally. In recent years readers have increasingly turned to e-books for their research and leisure activities. Online marketplaces have made it easy to access texts at any time and from anywhere, including on the go. Specialized e-reader devices, tablets, laptops and smartphones can store hundreds of titles while offering access to additional texts through cloud-based services.

This guide presents currently available options for finding e-books, including how readers can access Library of Congress e-books through desktop computers, mobile devices, and e-readers.