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Early Business Periodicals at the Library of Congress

Agricultural Commodities

Particularly at the beginning of the 19th century, America's exports were products of agriculture, its forests, and the sea.  Although raw materials and food continued to dominate American exports throughout the century, partially processed food exports gradually increased in importance relative to raw materials. 

The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available.

Cotton Movement and Fluctuation

New York
LC Call Number: HD9072.L2

This trade journal published extensive data about cotton, including supply, U.S cotton consumption, receipts and export numbers from main U.S. ports, delivery numbers to spinners in Europe, as well as an analytical year-in-review by the editors.


Manchester, England
LC Call Number: HD9070.1.C6

Cotton was the official journal of the Manchester Cotton Association. It provides information on the international cotton market, such as statistical data on consumption by the mills of Japan, conditions in the Egyptian cotton market, and data on the stock of cotton held in England’s main port of Liverpool.

King Cotton: A Historical and Statistical Review, 1790-1908

New York

George Broomhall's Corn Trade News

LC Call Number: HD9030.1.G5

This registered newspaper covered the market for cereal grains, such as maize (corn), wheat and oats; beans; and oilseeds. It also reported on related products such as oil and oilcake, petroleum and grease; liquid corn syrup, flour, hay, tallow, and turpentine. Data tables include official crop reports, weather reports, and monthly net wheat and flour exports of Britain's chief competitors. Each volume includes an index by subject or country. The Corn Trade Year Book provides a detailed record of the world's chief cereal crops, prices, imports and exports, and stocks. Some issues of this and related titles are available online from the HaithiTrust Digital Library. External

Weekly Statistical Sugar Trade Journal

New York
LC Call Number: HD9100.1.W3

This journal is a collection of statistical tables and reports about the sugar trade. It regularly reports stocks and receipts of the Atlantic ports of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, as well as New Orleans; on sugar crops and crop conditions; prices and supplies in principal sugar countries; sugar consumption; and conditions of the raw and refined sugar markets. Some issues are available online at HaithiTrust Digital Library.External