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Annus Mirabilis of Albert Einstein

Journal Articles and Subscription Databases

These articles focus on the impact that the 1905 papers had on the science of the twentieth century. The articles may be accessed onsite at the Library of Congress either by requesting the physical item via the Library of Congress Online Catalog or electronically through the electronic databases in the E-Resources Online Catalog.

Selected Articles

Aharonov, Yakir and M. Suhail Zubairy. "Time and the Quantum: Erasing the Past and Impacting the Future." Science 307, 5711 (2005): 875-879.

Bennett, Charles L. "Astrophysical Observations: Lensing and Eclipsing Einstein's Theories." Science 307, 5711 (2005): 879-884.

Burnham, Richard. "The Man Who Remade the Universe." Astronomy 33, 2 (2005).

Cho, Adrian. "Special Relativity Reconsidered." Science 307, 5711 (2005): 866-868.

Cho, Adrian. "Doubly Special, Twice as Controversial." Science 307, 5711 (2005): 867.

Coontz, Robert, Ian Osborne, and Phil Szuromi. "A Passion for Physics." Science 307, 5711 (2005): 865.

Dunningham, Jacob, Alexander Rau, and Keith Burnett. "From Pedigree Cats to Fluffy-Bunnies." Science 307, 5711 (2005): 872-875.

Fine, Leonard. "Einstein Revisited." Journal of Chemical Education 82, 11 (2005): 1601-1608.

Guth, Alan H. and David I. Kaiser. "Inflationary Cosmology: Exploring the Universe from the Smallest to the Largest Scales." Science 307, 5711 2005): 884-890.

Leggett, A.J. "The Quantum Measurement Problem." Science 307, 5711 (2005): 871-872.

Martinez-Frias, Jesus, David Hochberg, and Fernando Rull. "A Review of the Contributions of Albert Einstein to Earth Sciences - in Commemoration of the World Year of Physics." Naturwissenschaften 93, 2 (2006): 66-71.

Miller, Arthur I. "Einstein, Picasso." Physics Education 39, 6 (2004): 484-489.

"Miraculous Visions." Economist 374, 8407 (2005): 59-61.

Panek, Richard. "Relativity Turns 100." Astronomy 33, 2 (2005).

Rigden, John S. "Einstein's Revolutionary Paper." Physics World 18, 4 (2005).

Seife, Charles and Andrew Lawler. "We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert." Science 307, 5711 (2005): 869-870.

Sweeney, John H. "Einstein's Dreams." The Review of Metaphysics 67, 4 (2014): 811-834.

Trefil, James. "Relativity's Infinite Beauty." Astronomy 33, 2 (2005).

Subscription Databases

The following are a few of the databases where you may find more information on Albert Einstein and his publications.

The subscription resources marked with a padlock are available to researchers on-site at the Library of Congress. If you are unable to visit the Library, you may be able to access these resources through your local public or academic library.