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Employment & Labor Law: A Beginner's Guide

Treatises, Handbooks, and Dictionaries

Despite the fact that a majority of adults in the United States are employed, the laws regarding labor and employment laws can, at first glance, seem complicated and confusing to most. Immediately below, please find a selection of resources that can help those who are "true beginners," with no legal experience, and for "generalists," who might have some knowledge of the law, but not be familiar with employment and labor law specifically. Once you are ready to move on to more advanced topics, scroll down to find a selection of resources on more specific subjects within employment and labor law.

Advanced Topics in Employment and Labor Law

Contrary to its relatively short title, labor and employment law encompasses many different topics, including harassment, discrimination, privacy, compensation and unionization, among many others. As such, we have organized several helpful secondary sources according to topic, below: