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Veterans History Project (VHP): Exploring the Collections

Contact VHP

We want to help you find what you are looking for within our collections! If you are not able to pinpoint collections that speak to your research interest via our online database and the search strategies described in this guide, please contact us directly using our Ask-A-Librarian service so that our staff can assist you. More information about the Veterans History Project and the American Folklife Center are included below.

About the Veterans History Project

The Veterans History Project (VHP) of the American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.

About the American Folklife Center

The American Folklife Center was created in 1976 by the U.S. Congress to "preserve and present American folklife" through programs of research, documentation, archival preservation, reference service, live performance, exhibitions, publications, and training. Designated by the U.S. Congress as the national center for folklife documentation and research, the American Folklife Center continues to collect and document living traditional culture, while preserving for the future its unparalleled collections in the state-of-the-art preservation facilities of the Library of Congress.