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Veterans History Project (VHP): Exploring the Collections

Online displays of VHP material.

Online Displays

Beginning in 2005, VHP has released quarterly online presentations under the title Experiencing War: Stories from the Veterans History Project.

These online presentations, also known as web features, offer curated sets of collections related to a particular topic, event, or veteran demographic. Installments of Experiencing War highlight themes ranging from military medicine to the helicopter pilots and the art of war. These web features allow viewers to get a taste of Veterans History Project collections and the types of materials they include. While they represent a small fraction of our overall holdings, they may be a helpful starting point for researchers who are investigating particular subjects.

A screenshot of the D-Day: 75th Anniversary Experiencing War webpage.

The most recent installment of Experiencing War can be accessed by clicking on the image in the middle of the Veterans History Project website.

Other Ways to View Experiencing War Features