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Veterans History Project (VHP): Exploring the Collections

Searching VHP Collections

This section of the guide provides you with information on how to use the Veterans History Project (VHP) online database to search for collections which fit your research topic.

Using the VHP Database

The "Search" menu for the Veterans History Project (VHP) online database can be used to search for a specific veteran by name, or to find all collections relating to veterans who served in a particular location, unit, branch, during a particular war or conflict, etc.

The video tutorial below explains how to use VHP's online database to find relevant collections.

Please note: keyword search functionality is limited for the VHP online database. If your search does not yield results, it does not necessarily mean that VHP does not have any collections which address your research topic. If your initial search attempts are unsuccessful, please contact us or using our Ask a Librarian service. VHP Reference staff are available to assist with more complex searches.

Common Searches

Researchers often use Veterans History Project collections to discover personal stories of the wartime experiences of particular demographic groups of veterans. This list of links will direct you to collections pertaining to certain subject matter.

Please keep in mind that veterans must self-identify as belonging to a particular group or ethnicity. Currently, only 20% of the veterans who have donated material to VHP have indicated race.